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How to choose a Torque Wrench

Torque wrenches are one of the most versatile tools that are used in a number of sectors such as construction, automobile, repair and maintenance, and even for DIY projects at home. A torque wrench is used to tighten or loosen fasteners, nuts and bolts in a number of applications. Though it is possible to perform the same function with a spanner, to attain the precise torque you need to apply to the component, a torque wrench is necessary.

Choosing a torque wrench depends on the application you need to accomplish. You also need to check the product features that are available in a torque wrench. RS Components have an array of torque wrenches that will meet your requirements and your budget as well.

Let us take a look at a few points to choose the right torque wrench.

Choose your torque wrench after checking the torque requirement needed for your application

What is the torque requirement that you need for your application? Based on the torque requirement, torque wrenches come in five different classifications.

  • Very light duty torque: For a simple job like fastening spark plugs or oil drain plugs or valve cover bolts, you would only need to apply a force in the range of 15-75 ft. lbs. For this torque application, you would only require a very light-duty torque wrench.
  • Light duty torque: For a torque of 30 to 150 ft. lbs, you would require a light-duty wrench. Car workshops and garages mostly make use of the light-duty torque wrenches for changing the tyres and working on head bolts, lug nuts, and calliper bolts.
  • Moderate duty torque: If your application needs a torque power of more than 50 but lesser than 250 ft. lbs., go for a moderate duty torque. Moderate duty torques are commonly used in automotive fastening applications like fixing axle bolts, hub bolts, and light-duty fasteners.
  • Heavy-duty torque: For heavier duty applications like dealing with driveline components, bearings, transfer cases and differentials, a torque between 120 and 600 ft. lbs is necessary. 
  • Very heavy-duty torque: This is one of the heaviest torque wrench available in terms of power. To tighten or loosen heavy-duty automotive fasteners that are found in racing vehicles, a powerful heavy-duty torque wrench of more than 700 and up to 1,000 ft. lbs is necessary.  

Square heads come in a variety of sizes and functions to correspond to different torque ranges

There are different sizes of square heads with different torque ranges and functions.

  • 1/4 in. square head: This is suitable for a lesser torque range of 4 to 21 ft. lbs. like the nuts and bolt fastening on garden equipment, bicycles, and motorcycles.
  • The 3/8 in. square head: For fastening jobs in passenger vehicles, light trucks, and cars, a torque of 15 to 75 ft. lbs. is generated. 
  • 1/2 in. square head: For jobs in engine mounts and suspensions.
  • 3/4 in. square head: For fastening jobs in cargo aircraft, tractors and trailers.

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