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How to build an email list with an EDU email

If you’re interested in building your email list, but you don’t have the budget or resources to run a full-blown email marketing campaign with Google AdWords, Facebook ads, etc., then I have some good news for you! Your university email address gives you access to all the students and alumni who are subscribed to your school’s email newsletter. You can tap into this massive audience by setting up an email marketing account with an EDU email address, creating content that’s relevant to your audience, and following these tips for how to build an email list with an EDU email address.

Choose your platform

There are so many ways to engage customers online, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Before you can start building your customer base, it’s important that you choose a channel where they already spend time and will be receptive. When it comes to engaging college students, Facebook groups are one of your best bets—just make sure you choose a group with engagement that matches your topic or product. Reddit is another great platform for edu-based content; although there are plenty of subreddits for school-related questions and problems, you might want to try posting in more general subreddits like /r/AskReddit where users will get out of their comfort zone and engage with non-educational content as well.

Build Your List

Establishing your own mailing list is a must for any digital marketer. The ability to contact and engage with users allows you to lead, inform, and ultimately sell them on your product or service. Additionally, building your email list allows you to take advantage of other digital marketing tactics such as social media advertising, retargeting ads, or even setting up remarketing campaigns. To build your own mailing list that can be used for all of these purposes it’s important that you are targeting people who already have interest in what you’re offering. The best way to do that is by creating landing pages on educational websites so that only those looking for something education-related will see it.

Start Guest Posting

Guest posting is a fantastic way to get links back to your site and build up your reputation on high-quality sites. It’s something that you can do long term, and over time it can really start to pay off. I know some SEO experts who have built up massive websites simply through guest posting! Here are a few tips on how you can effectively guest post: 1) Focus on influencers: The best thing about guest posting is that, if done right, it will directly bring traffic back to your site. You want your work, then link back somewhere else—which means that it’s generally easier (and better) for you if you write for other people rather than for yourself.

Build Relationships

While we’re huge advocates of using authority sites like Medium to promote your content, it doesn’t mean you should ignore other methods that help drive more traffic. In fact, our favorite way to attract new visitors is through building relationships with influencers within your industry. To do so effectively, you need a plan. Here are some ways you can establish contacts

Send Newsletter Emails Regularly

The best way to use your school’s website for marketing purposes is by utilizing its newsletter feature. A newsletter allows you to highlight upcoming events, set reminders for them, ask visitors for feedback and capture their information so that you can follow up later. By using a school-branded e-mail address, you’ll also add a layer of credibility and authenticity that comes from being associated with a trusted source. If your website doesn’t have one already, look into creating one; there are plenty of free resources available online or through your webmaster if you want it custom designed.

Use Remarketing Ads

The great thing about remarketing ads is that you can set them up in mere minutes. Just head to your AdWords account, click Audiences, select Remarketing from the sidebar, then click Create Audience. From there, Google will prompt you for a campaign name and whether you’d like your audience to be app-based or website-based. Then Google will ask which websites or apps you’d like it to observe for users who match your remarketing criteria. That’s it! From there, Google will track any users who meet those criteria and show them relevant ads once they visit a site or use an app associated with your campaign. These types of users are often more likely to convert since they’ve already expressed interest in similar products (read: yours).

Social Media Giveaways

When it comes to building an email list, there’s a fine line between being too salesy and not providing enough value. Luckily, there are ways you can walk that line without falling into either trap: create social media giveaways, such as Facebook or Twitter contests. These digital raffles will do more than just give your followers a chance to win something; they’ll have them follow you on social media in order to enter—an excellent way of collecting emails. Additionally, you’ll also get their friends involved and gain new followers yourself. Just make sure your giveaway is engaging enough for people to want to participate!