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Captain Puffy, real name Carolina, is an American Twitch star who has gained immense popularity on her social media handles. She is well-known to be the member of the private multiplayer Minecraft server, ‘Dream SMP’ and she was actually the third member to join the server and to play with other famous stars like Dream, Eret and fundy. 

Apart from all the other things, one of the most asked questions about her is ‘how old is captain puffy?. Fans are definitely very eager to know about her age and so if you are also one of them and want to know that, then you are going to find it out in this article. 

As you scroll down, you will find out all the information about her such as what is her age, what are her personal details, what are some unknown facts about her, details of her personal life, career and many more. So keep reading to find out all the information about her.

How old is captain puffy?

The answer to this much asked question is that she is 24 years old as of 2022 and she was born on 18 September, 1998. She was born in New York, United States of America, holds American nationality and belongs to mixed ethnicity. 

Personal Details of Captain Puffy

Below we have mentioned all the known details about her such as her real name, her net worth, her birthplace, height and weight, how old is captain puffy and a lot more. So read further to find out all the information about her.

  1. Captain Puffy’s real name is Carolina and Captain Puffy is the name by which is known among her fans.
  2. Her nickname is Cara.
  3. Her age is 24 years old and she was born on 18 September, 1998.
  4. She is known to have an estimated net worth of 1.2 Million Dollars.
  5. She is a Twitch Star and a Youtuber by profession and her hobbies mainly includes gaming. 
  6. Her birthplace was New York, United States of America.
  7. Puffy’s zodiac sign is Virgo and Ethnicity is mixed.
  8. She is an American and follows Christianity.
  9. Her sexuality is straight and she is known to be single and not dating anyone.
  10. Her height is approximately 5’5” (in feet inches), 1.65 m (in metres) and 165 cm (in centimetres).
  11. Her weight is approximately 55 Kg (in kilograms) and (124 lbs) in pounds.
  12. Her body measurements are approximately 37-27-45 inches, bra cup size is 36 DD and shoes size is 5.5 (US).
  13. Her skin tone is very fair.
  14. Her eye colour is Dark Brown and her hair colour is Blonde.
  15. Her educational qualifications are that she has graduated. Her school name was Local School in New York, US. 
  16. She is very active on her social media profiles on various social media platforms.

Captain Puffy Biography and Career

Captain Puffy is 24 years old, as we have already read above under the question, how old is captain puffy? and she lives in New York, USA. She completed her secondary education at a local high school while growing up with her parents. Later, she graduated from a private university in New York and got her bachelor’s degree. 

She rose to fame mainly as a Twitch streamer, who entertained the viewers with her outstanding and amazing humour, game sense and personality. Soon after her fame, she was invited to participate in many game shows and competitions and even won a lot of prizes in various events. And so, she is an acclaimed Youtuber, web-based media character and an influencer and a Twitch star with many fans and supporters from around the world.

Some more facts about Captain Puffy 

So apart from knowing how old is captain puffy, read out these below mentioned facts about her which are as follows:

  1. She has many pets which includes two cats named Blue and Bubbles.
  2. She has collaborated with many famous creators on Minecraft content which includes Dream, Kara Corvus, Eret and BadBoyHalo.
  3. She also has two older brothers whose names are not known.
  4. She has a Blue Dodge Challenger SRT car whose pictures were uploaded in Instagram by her.
  5. She has a very good sense of fashion and dressing and she has a natural affinity for the camera or one of those who have a camera-face.
  6. She has a feeling of willingness to appreciate other performers and it is quite evident in her work.
  7. She also shares her relationships and her regular activities and to do’s with her viewers and allows them to experience a slice of her life and get an insight about her.
  8. She has created a great series of very popular song covers and she is also very energetic, dramatic and creative in all her musical performances.
  9. She is just warm yet enigmatic and so it is the reason why she has managed to attract a range of followers and fans towards her. 
  10. She is always very confident and stylish and she can also be quite humorous and unique in her expressions and insights and so it is something that her fans find very interesting about her.

Details of Captain Puffy’s social media handles

She is quite active on these three social media platforms which are Youtube, Tik Tok and Instagram. Now information of her respective social media handles are:

  1. Youtube Channel- Puffy or Caroline created her channel on Youtube on 22 December, 2018. Her channel had 180k subscribers in June 2021 and now in 2022, she has a lot more followers. She uploads Minecraft’s Gameplay on her channel and her channel name is ‘captain puffy’.
  2. Instagram Account- She is very active on Instagram and her username on Instagram is ‘@cptpuffy’ and she has more than 500k followers over there. She regularly posts her photos on the account which mostly contains selfie pics and also her modelling pictures.
  3. Tik Tok Account- Her username of Tik tok is ‘itscaptainpuffy’. She has more than 600k followers on her account and more than 3 Million likes on her videos. 

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Captain Puffy, real name Carolina, is a well-known American Twitch streamer and a social media star who is mainly famous for being the member of the private multiplayer Minecraft server called ‘Dream SMP’. We also know now how old is captain puffy, as she is 24 years old and not only this but a lot of other important and interesting facts and details about her. 

And so we hope you have got some insight on Captain Puffy and her life through this article.

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