How Many Different Types Of Packaging Come Under Wholesale Gift Packaging UK?

Nobody cherish other traditions as much as gifts. The inception of this unique ritual dates back to ancient human beings. As time has passed, more innovations have come to the scene in terms of gift presentation. One such innovation is Wholesale Gift Packaging UK, which is expertly curated to make the event memorable for the audience. 

Numerous customization and print options are available to get as unique as possible while selling retail gift products. Likewise, you can have a go at some attractive styles and types of these packages to make your gifts a preferred choice.

Gable Boxes

A gable box is a particular wholesale gift packaging UK that mostly gets associated with party or food favors. This is because it was initially created to hold and contain food products. The specialty of this box lies in the smart design that excites the people in the first case. It has a square bottom that can bear a product that is several times weightier than it. You can layer it with an additional cardboard sheet if the products carried are weightier.

It has a wedge-shaped, or more precisely, canopy-shaped handle at the top. Not only this makes the box look impressive, but it indorses a positive consumer experience. Made from unique cardboard variants, the handle has a perfect grasp that makes the carrying experience unforgettable. The ends fold up into the handle at the top, forming a closed structure to prevent the entry of outside elements.

Gift Card Boxes

Gift card boxes are a respectable name in the current packaging world. They are just right in humorously conveying your gift cards to the target audience. Again, the specialty lies in their ability design the theme. You can choose print options equipped with contemporary CMYK and PMS color models to relay personalized messages. The packages also serve as a shield for gift cards to protect against harmful factors.

People highly recognize their resistance against shocks, abrasion, pressures, and critical loads in the packaging realm. You can also place inserts for the accurate presentation of multiple gift cards. The inserts also add to the stacking strength of these packages and guard the ends of gift cards from damage. For a premium feel, we can personalize these boxes with silver or golden printed foils with Cardboard CBD Bath Bomb Wholesale Boxes.

Handle Boxes

Handle boxes, and gable packages may sound similar. But there is a big difference as the prior can be of any shape while the final comes in an exact gable shape. Having a handle at the top, they offer ultimate ease to carry the products around hassle-free. The customization options are simply limitless, as you can attain any design distinction with them.

You can either have a go at the die-cut windows or employ a sleeve-in-the-box design. This design innovation leads to a more advance product presentation that ensures you to get higher dividends. The lamination options also help you with protection and presentation matters. PP, PE, gloss, and matte laminations can upsurge the fence properties while also handling a pleasant look.

The Versatile Uses Of Pillow Box Wholesale Across Various Industries

Pillow box wholesale is advantageous, and exquisite packaging answers for various products. Many brands have been using these attractive boxes to win the marketplace without any problem. These superb boxes are famous for the sophisticated design they offer. Various products such as apparel, jewelry, perfumes, cosmetic items, and some gifts will be perfect to be enveloped in them.

These enthralling boxes are brilliant to show the branding opportunity. What’s more, these boxes have an unbelievable and lasting effect on the market customers. In this blog, we will dive deep into the pillow packaging world and look at the usage of these boxes in different industries. 


The food industry also makes use of printed pillow box wholesale. The food items encased and retailed in these boxes are predominantly dry, for example, dried fruit, cereal, nuts, bakery products like croissants, and such. Kraft Pillow Box Wholesale make rather attractive food packaging boxes as they are functional, environmentally friendly, and aesthetically pleasing. brands also frequently package tiny foods like candies and chocolates in pillow box wholesale.


Companies often retail and package accessory items like jewelry and mobile accessories (earphones and mobile chargers) in pillow box wholesale. The versatility of the shape of the box allows it to be used by multiple businesses and for manifold purposes. As pillow packaging is not definitively shaped like a four-sided box, it offers much leniency regarding product encasement.

You can successfully encase and retail any object that is pliable and does not have sharp edges that could damage the pillow structure or damage itself  in it. While the above industries are the major pillow box wholesale users, they are not the only ones. The one-of-a-kind shape of this box makes it a necessary and appropriate packaging box for many goods and purposes.

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