How does the Graco Magnum X5 work?

Airless Paint Spray:

To make work easy new technologies are invented day by day. Man work is ess now and people want to do work in an efficient way or in the short period of time. The efficiency of the work is increased by the invention of an airless spray.

In the airless, there is a pump that forces. The paint to rush out from the spray gun via a nozzle. The nozzle is very small in size. The pattern of the fan is made to create pressure at the nozzle of the spray gun. It will change the level of the pressure, the flow of the paint rates.

With the airless sprayer, painting is done fast and more jobs can also be done by saving time. The efficiency of the airless paint spray is increased 10 times. Than doing the paint with the roll or the brush. Using the airless paint spray you can do all types of surfaces painting thin coat high finishing will be done.


When you are going to do the painting on a surface. That has been painted before then must check that the surface is dry or not. Because if you apply the paint on the wet surface that may cause webbing and cracking. Some are the exceptional cases that if the paint is not topcoat, primer, and base coat. The crack on the surface will appear prominent and sometimes these carcks are like the spider web or hairline cracks. Graco Magnum X5 works in the indoor projects well. And some of the outdoor projects like small homes, decks, fences, and siding.

Graco Magnum X5 includes the Spray Gum of SG2 Metal. Switch tip of RAC IV 515 whose length is 25 ft, Powerflush adapter. Operation manual, Pump[ for the storage fluid and the Guide for the Start-up.

  1. The voltage required of the Graco Magnum X5 is 110 Volts.
  2. It provides easy and fast cleaning. This would happen because of the connection of the garden hose with a Power Flush adapter.
  3. The paint flow is controllable, you can adjust the pressure. And control the flow o the paint according to the size of the project.
  4. Spray paint in unthinned at a very high pressure. That will be done with the help of a Stainless Steel Piston.
  5. You can easily paint about 1 to 5 gallons of the paint by the connection of Suction of the tube. That is flexible.
  6. You can do more projects each year by using it. Easily use 125 gallons in one year. It has a hose which supports 75 ft. and you can easily reverse the tip when you are spraying.

Working of Graco Magnum x5:

Graco Magnum x5 makes the painting easy to do. It also includes the feature of the re usability. And the excessive clogging frustrations is easy to eliminate. That is done by the availability of the RAC IV Switch tip. Its working is very efficient and simple. Whenever there is clogging in the unit you can easily reverse the Tip of the switch and keep on working. Easily precision will be done using the precision tool that is available in Graco Magnum X5.

As you know in all types of painting efficiency and accuracy is the foremost thing. That is done by a steady hand. You can enhance the painting by the use of your proper skills. If you are using latex paint then there is a need to be thinned. The latex paint is thicker than the oil-based paint, it is already water-based. To spray the paint fine must thin the latex paint.

There are many projects in which only one coat is not enough, many of the coats are required for it. Must finish the surface after the spray pattern of the object. Patterns are made by leaving the tip of the spray gun after each pass and the up and down motion. Overlapping of the pattern can also be done to make the patterns.

There is a sheen in the spray paint that is able to make it better and reflect the light. After drying the Spray paint it will emphasize the imperfections. That will be done during the painting like the nicks, scratches, and dents. Just before the final coat of the spray paint must apply. The sand on the surface and then apply the primer coats two times. In Graco Magnum x5 is not able to paint the Lacquer it is the only material.

Advantages of  Graco magnum x5 Paint Spray:

  • You can easily paint the very large area
  • It is not heavy to lift, it’s weight is light.
  • The paint flow using the Spray Gun is very easy to control.
  • If you need more paint than easy to add more.
  • For the fast cleaning do the connection with the garden hose
  • Easy to clean it.

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