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How does an Android phone work?  - DAILY BELY

How does an Android phone work? 

There’s a lot to learn if you’re just getting started with Android. We’ve put together a detailed guide to using the forum and its various features. If you want to learn more about the Android ecosystem, you can also look at our list of the best smartphones and smartwatches. 

Configuring your new phone: 

Until you can do something on Mobile, you must first turn it on and configure it. Here’s a general guide to what to do after you see the Welcome screen. 

Follow these steps to set up your android phone.  

  • Choose and language then press start. 
  • Insert the Sim so you could connect to the mobile network. This step can be skipped if the phone already has a sim card.  
  • Now, to connect to the internet, tap the network and insert a password. 
  • Make a google account and sign into it.  

Although you don’t need a Google account to use your phone, you will need one if you want to install an app, back up your data, and use other Google apps and services. Makers such as Huawei and Samsung may ask you to create a separate, manufacturer-specific account, but you don’t have to unless you also want to use that company’s services. 

Gestures and navigating buttons: 

Stock Android 11 does not include navigational buttons by default. Instead, there is a home button (or notch) that also functions as an app drawer handle. There are times when you’ll see a back button, but the home button is usually the only visible navigation tool. 

Back button: 

The back button on the left returns you to the last action you took in an app or to the last page on your web device. Furthermore, holding the button down while using your browser should open up a menu that allows you to easily access your favorite hyperlinks, browsing history, and the web pages you visit most frequently. 

Home button: 

The Home button in the center simply returns you to your home screen. Holding down the home button in its most recent version of Android will also activate Google Assistant. 

Overview button: 

When you press the Overview button on the right, a vertical list of all open and active apps on your mobile device appears, allowing the system to navigate and jump between them with a simple tap on the screen. If you double-tap this button, you’ll be taken directly back to your most recently used app. 

Multiple screens: 

Android used to center the home screen (similar to a desktop), but now the Google Feed is on the far left and the home screen is on the far right. All other screens are displayed to the right of the home screen. 

Users can create shortcuts, organize apps into folders, change the wallpaper, adjust the on-screen app spacing (grid), and change the style (font, color, app shape), among other things. You can also resize, create, and organize widgets that display real-time data from app stores and may even be engaging. These tools can be accessed by long-pressing any screen. 

Quick setting bar: 

The Quick Settings bar is a comfortable way to quickly access your most-used features and is usually consistent across all Android phones. It’s among the most prominent and frequently used features of Android. With each new version of stock Android, it receives a minor update, and some manufacturers apply specially made tweaks. 

By swiping down from the top with two fingers, you can access this bar without expanding the Notification Shade. Once you fully broaden the Quick Settings panel, you’ll notice that it’s jam-packed with tappable buttons that span one or two pages. To navigate these pages, simply swipe left or right. 

Apps to install:

 We can suggest some basic apps to install. You should install apps as per your requirement but there are some popular apps used by everyone. You can install them from the app store.  

Social apps: 

To stay connected with friends and family to share your life with them, install social apps. Following are the most popular social apps: 

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • Snapchat  
  • WhatsApp 

Entertainment apps: 

For the sake of entertainment, there are so many apps. If you want to listen to songs then you can install Spotify, Amazon music, sound cloud, etc. To watch series and movies, install Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, etc.  

Work apps: 

To keep the work streamlined and to collaborate with your colleagues and boss, install work apps. Nowadays, many apps have gained popularity especially because of the lockdown situation.  

  • Zoom 
  • Microsoft teams 
  • Slack 

Now, after installing the apps, begin using your android phone.  

Bottom line: 

Android is very easy to use as compared to iOS. For beginners, it can take a few hours for them to learn. After learning the basic use of the phone, you can explore it. It doesn’t have complex settings so you can learn the rest of things by yourself.  

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