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How Difficult is Paddle Boarding? Or Is It? - DAILY BELY

How Difficult is Paddle Boarding? Or Is It?

Standup paddleboarding is considered a very difficult water sport out of all. But here’s a catch, it is only considered so by those who never stepped on a paddleboard and got into the water. Otherwise, those who do paddling or even did once in their life think that this is the easiest water sport that you can enjoy. You can even become an expert in this sport real soon with persistence. So, the question “how difficult is paddle boarding?” is not meaningful at all.

What are the reasons that people think paddleboarding is an easy water sport?

Stand up paddleboarding is very easy because it is easy to learn and takes no time for the beginners to let them get into the water. A beginner who has just stepped on a paddleboard for the first time might find it hard to balance it or go into the water. But it is just a piece of cake, and anybody can do it after just a few moments of learning how to balance on a paddleboard step-by-step.

New-comers in this sport can be seen enjoying the flat-water surfaces and calm weather conditions after just a few minutes of getting on it. They can even paddle on their own, turn their board to where they want, and completely balance themselves on it. This is because till here is very easy. Now, mastering anything in this world takes some time and multiple tries. Therefore, you will have to do it for several hours before going for riding on the high waves, splashy water, and choppy shores.

During paddleboarding, we get to see the wildlife and the beautiful scenery at the same time while enjoying the ride of a paddleboard. Having all these amazing benefits and indirectly doing proper workout for the day on top of everything. And there’s a paddleboard for everyone, no matter what shape, size, and age they are.

But keep in mind that riding a paddleboard and mastering it are two different things. Just because you can get on it doesn’t exactly mean that you can also master it in just a day or two. You have to practice becoming the master of this sport and doing manoeuvrings and other tricks. Also, the more distance you go further, the more you can practice and the more cardio benefits you get. That’s how you can feel more refreshing and easier on a board.

Tips for beginners in standup paddleboarding

We know we earlier said that paddleboarding is not difficult at all. But you have to take care of some things before going into the deep bumpy watersides.

Getting the right size and type of board is important

Getting the right size of the paddleboard and selecting its type is a whole different topic. You can search for how to choose the best non-inflatable paddle boards for beginners? There will be a lot of informative content on this topic which you can follow as all of that content is provided by the experts.

Select the kind of water very carefully

As a beginner, it won’t be easy for you to balance on the paddleboard during high water waves and strong current in rough weather conditions when the wind is strong. But be sure that you will be able to go out in the open conditions when the wind will be at your back, and you will be riding on the high waves very comfortably. But until you feel confident enough to do that, just make sure to practice this skill.

Lakes, in general, have the most peaceful water. Lakes do not typically have the same high tides, waves, or speedy water as rivers and oceans. Nevertheless, severe winds and freezing temperatures remain a possibility. Hence, you should spend some time checking the weather report before going out paddling.

Try to be as comfortable while balancing on the board as possible before going into the deep water.

Comfort position can be anything like lay, sit, kneel, or stand up on the paddleboard. But we recommend kneeling on the paddleboard to start with. Once you get to balance yourself, you can then stand up and practice for that position now.

Your posture and stance should be perfect for mastering this sport

Once you stand up on the board and balance yourself, it is important for you to now know what position you should stand in while paddling. You should place your feet apart from each other and bend your knees up to a certain angle that it won’t tire you and help you balance on it.

Final words

It is not important how difficult is paddleboarding? But how you learn it is. That’s why one should go step-by-step and try to do it as simply as possible at the start. Then you will automatically want to master this sport because of its charm.

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