How can students of different grades improve their English skills?

English is an international language, and students of every country have to learn the rules and regulations of this language to survive. People living in European countries are familiar with this language because this is their mother tongue, but it creates trouble for people from other parts of the world. Learning this language is important for students, but it is equally important for international people in business and workers because all of their dealings are in this language. 

Learning English is not a cup of tea for everyone; it is a complicated and long-term process for a new learner. This article will discuss some of the tips used in schools to teach English to students. Most countries have converted their books into English, so it now becomes very important for them to teach their students this language to understand the books better.

What are sight words? Why is there a need to teach sight words? How do you teach them?

Sight words are used commonly in a sentence, or frequently occurring words in a sentence are called sight words. These words are the words that teachers expect their students to recognize instantly within a second or in less time. They are recognized by sight. Sight words are sometimes considered frequency words because they are frequently used in the vocabulary. A teacher encourages his students to learn or memorize the words so that they should not use any decoding technique to pronounce that word again; rather, they should recognize it by sight. Sometimes these words do not follow the phonetically decoding methods, just like the word” The.”

Now we should come to the second and most important part of why there is a need to learn these words? The answer is that sight words are used 75 percent in the children’s materials; by learning and reading sight words, they become more and more confident, and in this way, they get more interested in reading. The main advantage of recognizing sight words is that beginning readers will be able to spot most of the words even before they try to read them. It, therefore, allows the students to focus on the comprehension and meaning without thinking about the decoding and phonics of the words.

This is also said to be advantageous to automatically recognize sight words for beginners because they do not follow phonics and spelling rules. Many words break the phonics rules, just like the word “was” does not follow the simple spelling rules. That is why children must learn sight words.

By using the dictation method

After learning the sight words, the second step is dictation; dictation is the oldest and best method to teach the languages, it was very famous and considered the most effective method to teach the different languages, but the teachers of the modern era have left this method as they thought that this is very old fashioned, time-consuming and uncommunicative. However, some researchers think that it is a very convenient and interesting method to learn new words; some of the advantages are mentioned below.

  1. It could be very interesting if the teacher used funny words during the dictation. In this way, this method will amuse the learners also; they will be able to learn something new.
  2. Dictation is an integrated activity as it involves all the skills like listening(as the paragraph is dictated for the students to transcribe) and writing(when students write down the dictated words).

It is very useful for beginners as they listen to the words or phrases and try to write them; the most important point about the dictation is that it is not all about the small grades, but we can also use dictation for class 9 and class 10th.

Improve spelling skills. 

When a beginner starts reading and writing, his next step is to improve his spelling skills because nobody is a born good speller; we all have to learn how to spell correctly. Here we will discuss some of the spelling lessons to improve quickly; there is no need to be worried about spelling mistakes. Rather we should practice a lot to overcome this deficiency.

  1. The first step to improving spelling mistakes is to read carefully; if you read the spelling of each word carefully, the probability of spelling mistakes decreases because, during reading, you have already learned the spelling of most of the words.
  2. The second step is to read interesting and funny stories and words; it may help you to improve.
  3. The final step is to study the rules for spelling words, which will be very beneficial for you.


In this article, we have studied some different basic methods which are going to be helpful for a student to learn the English language. First, we have discussed the very basic step to learning sight words, the second step is the dictation of words and phrases, and the last one is improving your spelling mistakes. These steps are for basic learners for advanced learning; please visit our official website.