Get ISO 45001 Standard Health and Safety Audit

Once you have enforced your Health and Safety Management System and achieved certification, it wants consistent reviews to make sure you’re still compliant with the ISO 45001 Standard. once the initial audit, you then have an annual audit and a recertification audit each third year.

ISO 45001 Standard

The audits – place merely – are accustomed make sure that you are doing what you say you are. You’re mistreatment the management system as secure to ensure ISO Registration and  compliance and maintain the expectations of the standard.

The Initial Audit

this is often the primary audit you may have once implement your health and safety management system with an ISO consultant. Iso Registrar Certification will assign you an auditor who will then check your new normal and providing you meet all of the wants and are compliant, you will deliver the goods your certification.

The audits are split into 2 stages:

Stage 1

This is often the document review. Your auditor will verify the management system you’ve got in situ to assess whether or not if you’re able to proceed to stage a pair of wherever it’ll be determined if you’ll be able to be awarded certification. Before your auditor visits, they’re going to be in-tuned to allow you to apprehend the items they will need to see, this is often usually a broad variety of proof to prove that your new system is effective. once the auditor has reviewed your documents they will offer you feedback on your management system and highlight the development requests they need to be identified. These enhancements will be created before the Stage of a pair of Audits to make sure you’re compliant and may keep your certification. once the auditor has completed the stage one audit they will probably give you a date for the second stage allowing you to figure out any issues before they visit again.

Stage 2

Stage a pair of is often a lot of thorough and takes longer than stage one. At this point, your auditor is checking your compliance and any major non-conformances are documented and will have an effect on your certification. once your auditor visits they’re going to begin the session with a gap meeting to debate the itinerary for the day and justify the tasks for the day, this includes:

  • A review of the development requests communicated once the Stage one audit and confirmation that the problems are resolved.
  • Thorough inspections of your documented processes Associate in Nursing procedures to make sure you’re compliant with the standard.
  • A review of the inner audits you’ve got conducted.
  • The effectiveness of your risk management procedures.
  • However, 45001 has helped you to attain your health and safety targets.

Once the auditor is glad they need completely inspected your health and safety management system they’re going to hold a closing meeting and disclose the non-conformities they found (if any) and recommend actions you’ll go for improving. they’re going to then turn out an in-depth report back to specify if you are able to achieve your certification (they also will tell you this within the meeting so don’t worry, you don’t ought to wait!). If you’ve got any non-conformances you may not be allowed to attain certification till want} has been resolved – you will have some months to figure out this, you won’t need another visit from the auditor if this is often the case however you will need to offer clear and sufficient proof to point out you have taken corrective action.

Once you’ve achieved certification it’s time for your Annual police investigation Audits. 

All ISO Standards target the model of continual improvement Associate in Nursing an annual police investigation audit is in situ to moderate the event of your normal every year. The Plan, Do Check, Act cycle is important to the success of continuous improvement because it provides you and your team a straightforward but effective model to follow to make sure you’re obtaining the foremost out of your health and safety system.

Throughout the surveillance audits your auditor can look for:

  • Eminent revisions of non-conformities and corrective actions being taken from the previous audits.
  • Your internal audits – once they are done, however effective they’re and any issues.
  • However often you change your documents and work on new data within the relevant places.
  • However, the health and safety management system is being maintained and upheld.

Again, the auditor will turn out a written document of their findings and highlight any non-conformities they need to be discovered and you may have up to three months to amend the problems and supply evidence.

Recertification Audit

Your ISO 45001 certificate Benefits ISO 45001 is valid for 3 years from the date of issue. we have a tendency to advocate booking your recertification audit a minimum of 3 months before your certificate expires to grant yourself time to address any non-conformances which will be found and avoid a spot in your certification.

The recertification audit is a lot of thorough than the annual police investigation audit and is more just like the initial stage 2 audit you may have done to at the start deliver the goods your certification. The recertification audit is finished to make sure you’re compliant and still meeting all the wants of your normal to stay your certification.

The recertification audit appearance at

  • Any previous problems and non-conformances to ensure they need been self-addressed and resolved.
  • However effective your health and safety management system is overall.
  • Your goals, have you ever met them? If not, why not?
  • Any growth to your business and if this has affected the scope of your certification.
  • Your internal audits and therefore their effectiveness.


Once again, you may receive a full, written document from your auditor explaining their findings and be allowed 3 months to handle any problems that they spotted. Once the auditor is glad that you simply are compliant and have met the requirements, you will deliver the goods certification and the three-year cycle will begin again.

If you’ve got any further questions about your audit cycle, don’t hesitate to get in touch, our friendly auditors are happy to help! Once you have enforced your Health and Safety Management System and achieved certification.

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