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Get 99.99% Uptime With Serverwala's Chicago Dedicated Server - DAILY BELY

Get 99.99% Uptime With Serverwala’s Chicago Dedicated Server

Businesses strive to gain a competitive edge over their competitors. You are at an advantage online if you have a reliable web hosting provider and a good hosting solution. You can choose a Dedicated Server for this purpose. A Dedicated Server Chicago gives you more control over your assets, manages your resources, and performs configurations more efficiently.

In addition to selecting the hardware for your server, you can also install applications. A Dedicated Server in Chicago has more positive effects than simply hosting websites. Data can be stored, an email server can be used, and many other things can be done.

More About Serverwala

Hosting Dedicated Servers is a considerable investment, and not all Dedicated Servers and hosting solutions are the same. Finding a provider can be confusing, so we’ve compiled this list of the essential features to consider. You should be able to determine what to look for after reading them.

Server Wala has become popular in Chicago. A class service made it easy for the company to expand into other countries. Due to their affordability, reliability, and security, they became famous and known for their unlimited web hosting. Additionally, they offer a variety of Cheap Dedicated Server Chicago solutions suitable for every type of business. 

5 Reason Reason To Go With Serverwala Chicago Dedicated Server

1. Choosing an operating system

One of the reasons to choose a dedicated hosting solution is the freedom to use the operating system of your choice. You might need a particular operating system if your business needs specific applications, such as one of the different Linux distributions or a Windows server operating system. Some software can only run on legacy versions of operating systems. Make sure you can run your preferred OS on the provider.

2. Configuration of the server

Operating systems are not the only thing to consider. Another important requirement to configuring your server according to your needs is having total control over it. You may need root access via SSH or RDP, for example.

3. Choices of hardware

Choose a host that offers a wide range of hardware options given the price of Dedicated Server Chicago. You get a hardware setup that meets your performance and capacity requirements without paying for something too powerful for your needs.

Options should include the CPU model, the number of cores and speed of the CPU, the size of the RAM, the type of RAM (e.g., DDR3 or DDR4), the type of hard disk (HDD or SSD), the bandwidth, and the option to select RAID.

4. Options in the control panel

Control panels that are easy to use make managing your server and the programs you run on it much more manageable. Some companies may find that vanilla control panels are adequate for their needs. In contrast, others find that cPanel & WHM (available for Linux only) or Plesk (now available for Windows and Linux servers) are more suitable.

The industry-leading control panels, cPanel and Plesk, are easy to use and feature a wide range of incredibly powerful management tools. Dedicated Server Chicago Offers you to access the Control Panel

5. Cybersecurity

The downtime caused by a hacked server could put your company’s operations at risk. Besides huge fines and reputation damage, a data breach could also result in legal action from customers. Within six months of being hacked, 60% of hacked companies cease to exist.

The choice of a dedicated hosting provider should therefore be based on security. Further, Dedicated Server Chicago data center’s location and physical security should be considered as well as the range of safety features your host offers, both as part of your package and as additional services.

Some Additional Services By Serverwala

 Administration of servers

Having your service provider manage your servers could save you a great deal of time and money in the long run. Through this service, you will be able to update OSs, patch them, install applications, and monitor servers. To ensure your server performs at its best, server monitoring continuously checks its health and performance.

 Availability of high quality

You cannot afford to have your server down if it runs critical applications. It could have disastrous consequences. Because of this, you should choose a host who can guarantee high availability, i.e., a Dedicated Server In Chicago will be online for at least 99.95% of the time. Server Wala can ensure 100% uptime by SLA. In addition, we have a redundant backup of everything in our N+1 data center to continue working in case of failure.

 Support of the highest quality

Sometimes your IT team will need technical support from your service provider to complete a task or resolve an issue. A contract with the provider should provide you with 24/7 support via phone, email, live chat, or tickets. For example, it isn’t good enough to wait until Monday to fix your Dedicated Server if it goes down on Friday night.

Buy At An Affordable Price

Chicago Dedicated Server hosting plans range in complexity from the most basic to the most advanced. Because of this, you can always find the Best Dedicated Servers in Chicago wherever you are. Dedicated Server Hosting in Chicago is available on our website, Serverwala.

Is Server Wala the Right Choice?

Quickly deploy your online projects with this flexible Dedicated Server Chicago hosting platform. The CPU, memory, and storage are balanced. A variety of open-source Linux templates are available. Windows VPS servers can also be found here. 

Check out storage optimized Best Dedicated Server Chicago if you want plenty of storage. Based on ServerWala’s tagline, Set Up a Web Hosting Company and Be Your Boss, you will receive web hosting at a reasonable price and be able to enjoy reap these benefits:

  • WHMCS for free
  • SSL Certificate for Free
  • Reselling white labels
  • Reseller account with free domains
  • Gateway for secure payments
  • Customized branding and free migration
  • Scan for and remove malware


New customers get unlimited options on Server Wala when searching for the right plan to fit their personal, professional, or business needs because it’s cheap and the best strategies are well known worldwide.

Server Wala offers a variety of server configurations and resource allocations and provides the best hosting services for Linux and Windows.

These web hosting plans include all the features and are powerful and efficient to speed up page loads, and you will receive free SSL certificates. In addition, server Wala will migrate Jetpack and WordPress for free if you choose WordPress. 

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