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French Bulldog Puppy And Dog Information

The French Bulldog is a very friendly dog. She is unstable and easy to care for, but needs a lot of attention. She often gets along with other pets and loves children. Remember, never tie a puppy or child without the dog’s close supervision.

Estimated size of adults

An adult French Bulldog (two years and older) is 12 inches (highest point after dive). There are two weight categories: 19 to 22 pounds and 22 to 28 pounds.

Special health problems

Most dog breeds have genetic problems, and the French Dogs for sale are no different. Look for breathing problems, skin problems, minor eye injuries and heatstroke. The list of these diseases is for reference only. Other diseases can also be serious, please consult your veterinarian for a complete list.

During the first year, he or she should see a veterinarian more often for vaccinations, encouragement and tests. He should then see a veterinarian for vaccinations and tests every year at an early age. Since he is six years of age or older, he should be examined and injected twice a year by a veterinarian. keep in mind; Do not give candy to your dog


The French Bulldog coat is short, soft, clean and smooth. It is an ordinary shade and needs an ordinary brush. Brushing helps keep your coat clean and tidy, keeps her dad healthy and strengthens your emotional connection with her.

Brush your teeth at least twice a week with toothpaste and a dog toothbrush. Brushing removes plaque and tartar, leading to cracks (occasionally) and periodontal disease. Frequent infections in dogs can cause pain, loss of teeth, bad breath and other serious conditions.

Her nails may need to be examined and trimmed frequently for growth. Nails that grow on the hind legs are much slower than before. In general, guillotine cutters are the best choice for this, and you can find effective recipes online.


With proper nutrition, medical care and good living conditions, the French Bulldog can live for 10 to 14 years.


The French Bulldog originally came from a small Bulldog in France or Spain. They were first registered with the American Nest Association in 1898.

Some records

French American Bulldog Club

United Dog Club UKC

NKC National Nest Club

CKC Continental Conl Club

APRI USA Stomach Record Inc.

American Nest Club

International Censorship Federation FCI

NZKC New Zealand Slot Club

KCGB Dog Club United Kingdom

ANKC Australian National Insurance Club

American Dog Registration ACR

Liter volume

2 to 5 French Bulldog puppies


Just like the non-sporting ones, Master

Descriptive words

Loving, courageous, playful, intelligent, muscular, talented, curious, polite, comfortable, positive

Especially good

Good goalkeeper

Good habits

Good friend dog

Good mood and fun behavior.

It is not thin.

They like to fight rats.

Especially bad times


Loyalty is low.

Poor guard

Anger can come.

They may not know how to swim.

Some may need more veterinary treatment than others.

Probably young people who can’t stand it.

It is sensitive to heat.

It could be a human dog.


It may be a follow-up for some.

Other popular names

French Baldog Franchise

Every dog ​​is different, so not everything in this information is suitable for your dog. This information is intended as a guide to good faith.

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The French Bulldog is a great complement to any family. 

They have a strong “well-made” appearance, but weigh up to 30 kg. Bred Terrier This breed is a breed that needs a lot of care, especially a non-predatory animal that needs a lot of exercise. These dogs can be easily identified by their bat ears. They are large and wide at the bottom and small in size as they are round at the top.

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