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10 Amazing Foods High In Potassium You Didn't Know About

10 Amazing Foods High In Potassium You Didn’t Know About

Potassium is often overlooked. Most people often overlook this mineral. It’s an essential nutrient, and many people don’t get enough. Continue reading to learn why potassium is so important in your daily life and the foods high in potassium. 

Potassium, a mineral, plays an essential role in the function of your heart and kidneys, muscles, nerves, and muscles. Further, low potassium can lead to high risk of kidney stones and may increase the blood pressure . Moreover, it can also pull calcium from one’s bones. 

Hence, potassium-rich foods are essential. 

An extreme drop in potassium levels can lead to abnormal rhythms in the heart, particularly in those with a heart condition. This could cause you to feel dizzy or lightheaded, and low potassium levels can cause your heart rate to stop.

Sometimes, low potassium can be caused by not having sufficient potassium from your food. A blood test can diagnose low potassium, and in that case, you need to consume foods that contain potassium.

Potassium For Men’s Sexual Health

If you wonder if low potassium can impact your sexual health, it is a “YES.” Even if you don’t think you are a danger to your cardiovascular health, potassium is essential for great sex. Additionally, you need the right balance to ensure your muscles work correctly. Low potassium levels can lead to electrolyte imbalances, which can cause high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction. 

Moreover, if you are experiencing low sex stamina and thinking about how to increase sex stamina, then including potassium-rich foods are vital. 

Ten Foods High In Potassium

Many people don’t get enough potassium from their diets despite its importance because they aren’t aware of the foods high in potassium. 

So, these are some natural sources of potassium. 

1. Potatoes

Potatoes are a great choice. So, leave the skins with all of their nutrients intact. A medium-prepared potato with its skin on has over 900 mg of potassium. Sweet potatoes with skin? Over 500 mg.

make potassium rich foods salad include vegetables and tomato

2. Legumes

Beans provide a good source of potassium, and a half-cup of white beans and adzuki bean contains 600 mg. 

Additionally, the half-cup servings of pinto beans, navy beans, and lima beans have over 350 milligrams. Further, other foods high in potassium are lentils and soybeans.

3. Juices

People choose whole fruit over juices because whole fruits are rich in fiber. However, don’t avoid juices entirely. Both carrot juice, prune juice, and carrot juice contain a lot of potassium. A cup of carrot juice contains 689 mg of potassium, and while a cup of prune juice has 700 mg of potassium, it contains more than 700 mg.

Pomegranate juice and orange juice are good foods high in potassium, with each serving containing approximately 500 mg. However, you ought to be careful about how much sugar you consume.

4. Seafood

The most popular foods high in potassium include the popular fish mackerel, salmon, and halibut. A 3-ounce filet contains more than 400 mg of potassium. Do you prefer chowder? You can get upwards of 500 mg from 3 ounces of canned clams.

So, they are some of the foods that contain potassium. 

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5. Leafy greens

So, the following natural sources of potassium are spinach. Cooked spinach can provide 400 mg of potassium in a half-cup. The exact amount of Swiss Chard contains more than 450 mg, and the same amount of beet greens has more than 600 mg.

6. Dairy

Dairy is an astounding wellspring of calcium, and they are food sources high in potassium. So, a skim or low-fat milk cup will give you 350 to 380 mg of potassium, and plain yogurt has more than 500 mg of potassium per cup, not to mention protein or healthy probiotics.

dairy products and banana are foods that contain potassium

7. Tomatoes

A cup of diced tomatoes contains in excess of 400 mg of potassium. Some tomato juice, or tomato puree, has in excess of 500 mg.

Also, concentrated tomato paste contains more than 650 mg per quarter cup.

8. Bananas

These yellow fruits, banana rich in potassium, are the most well-known sources. One medium banana has 422 mg, and the banana’s cousin, the plantain, are also foods high in potassium. 

9. Other fruits

Not only are bananas rich in potassium, but so are nectarines and oranges. The oranges, dates, nectarines, and cantaloupe contain more than 250 mg per half-cup. 

Also, other fruits like dried peaches, prunes, raisins, and kiwis are foods high in potassium. 

10. Avocadoes

A half-cup of creamy avocado has 364 mg potassium. There are numerous methods to get potassium from avocados. So, you can have some avocado toast and fill your potassium levels. Moreover, you would be blessing your health and taste buds by trying numerous ways to include avocados.

Final Say

Avocados are also rich in potassium and B vitamins. Further, they’re also high in fat, especially monounsaturated fat, good for your heart. Additionally, they are abundant source of fiber. Potassium helps your blood vessels relax or loosen up. If they become too rigid or tense, this can lead to high blood pressure levels, and this can cause heart issues. Your heart is healthy by getting enough potassium.

Potassium is also crucial for muscle health, and it allows your muscles to contract and flex the way they should. Potassium is essential for nerve function. So, include foods high in potassium in your diet for overall well-being. 

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