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You must have heard of the importance of STEM jobs and STEM education and it definitely seems like almost everyone is just talking about it, from Presidents like Obama to officials or professors at your university. So what does stem stand for

STEM is basically an acronym which is used for the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths. There is a lot of more information about STEM and you will get to know about all of it in this article. As you scroll down, you will find out what exactly it stands for, what is its importance and many more things related to it. So keep reading to find out all the information. 

What does stem stand for?

So as we start with this very basic question, STEM is a term which is familiar to many people but they don’t necessarily understand it. STEM simply is a common abbreviation which is used for four closely connected areas of study that are Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. These fields are associated because of the similarities that all these share, both in practical and theory. 

There has actually been a major push in recent years to fill up STEM jobs in big countries like the USA and UK. Many people would also agree that STEM is the main idea behind innovation and job creation in some of the main countries. Also presidents like Obama have referenced the importance of STEM education in making the US more competitive in the global economy. 

The US is not only interested in getting students from the U.S to study STEM related fields but also inviting international students to study in these fields. President Obama in a speech also pointed out that a number of immigrants found jobs in big American companies like Google, Intel and helped the US to become a top leader in the industry of high-tech. In the same speech, he also said the following about International students and their importance that:

“ We should make it easier for the best and the brightest to not only stay here, but also to create jobs and start business here in the USA. In recent years, a complete 25% of high-tech startups in the USA were founded by immigrants which led to 200,000 jobs opening in America. I’m glad that those jobs are here. I want to see a lot more of them getting created in this country. We definitely need to provide them the chance.”

And now as you know what does stem stand for? and how even some of the great leaders like Obama believe in its power and want people from all over the world to study it, you can get an idea how important STEM is and how it can benefit you in your life as this course focuses on real-world tools which equip graduates to succeed in careers once they complete their education. And all these are the reasons why high schools, universities or colleges, community programs and the government are taking major steps to promote opportunities for all the genders within STEM fields over the last few years. 

STEM helps you develop skills you need in any career

After you have understood what does stem stand for and how important it could be, you won’t be surprised to know that whether or not you want to pursue a job in STEM after graduating, a degree in these fields will still be an asset for you and for your future job search as you will develop some amazing skills while studying in this area. When you are pursuing a degree in this field, you are not just limited to a career in science, technology, engineering and mathematics but you will also be prepared and develop some skills that will help you throughout your career and equip you for success in any field. 

So a STEM related degree can take you in various directions such as:

  1. Software Developers- This can include creating systems of applications which run on a computer or another device. According to BLS, they can earn a salary of $110,140 in 2022. Getting a degree in computer science is a good way to obtain strong programming skills which are needed to excel in this career. 
  2. Information Security Analysts- This includes protecting an organisation’s computer systems. Most of the information security analyst positions require a degree in computer-related fields such as bachelor’s degree in cyber security. Job in this role can give a salary of almost $103,590 with a 33% of job growth which is amazing. 
  3. Computer and Information Research Scientists- This work profile provides work of designing new approaches to computer technology. This is the field which is expected to grow almost 22% from 2022 to 2030 according to BLS. The median salary which is estimated for a computer and information research scientist is around $126,830. Even interested people can get a master’s degree in Information Technology.

And so as after knowing what does stem mean, we can very well understand that the STEM skills that we develop are definitely vital. Educating in it provides various important skills like critical thinking and problem solving which are beneficial both in and out of the workplace and even in life. Employers or recruiters these days are looking for candidates that are able to think creatively and innovatively and who are able to solve problems that the company faces with the best solutions, no matter what field you are pursuing. In fact, people who have a degree in any of the fields of STEM have higher chances of getting a high-paid job and can earn higher than those who do not have it, even if the holder with a degree is not employed or working in a STEM job, according to the U.S Department Commerce Report.

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If you are someone who is looking for an area of study which will not only prepare well for a successful career but also increase a lot of your knowledge, then just consider entering into the STEM field. And as you also know now what does stem stand for and what is its importance, you will be well-positioned to step into a satisfying field after your graduation and also provide you with skills which will be much helpful and favourable to any environment of the workplace.

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