Find out the best time when should you drink protein shake before or after workout

The timing of protein intake in relation to exercise is one of the major fitness controversies. Depending on who you ask, pre-workout protein or post-workout protein is the best way to grow muscle. While it is undeniably crucial to fuel your workouts with protein, it is time to finish the discussion and throw out the blender once and for all.

So, which is better, drinking a protein shake before or after exercise? Sincerely, the decision is yours. It largely depends on your demands, way of life, and objectives. Prioritise achieving your daily protein goals from a range of protein sources, and when it’s most convenient for you, add in protein shakes.

And while research has shown that protein is essential for peak performance and muscle growth, it’s more about your daily consumption than it is about timing. However, there are benefits to consuming a protein shake both before and after exercise.

Here, experts offer their opinions on how to satisfy your daily protein requirements as well as the advantages of a protein shake before and after exercise. Now we will be happy to suggest you to continue this write up and it will boost your knowledge regarding should you drink protein shake before or after workout.

Protein shakes should be had either before or after exercise.

Once more, the decision actually rests with you and is based on your objectives. When you consume protein shakes are less essential than you probably realise, but they are a terrific way to increase your daily protein intake. To promote muscle gain, it’s important to consume enough protein throughout the day and space pre- and post-workout meals no more than four to six hours apart.

Pre-fueling will limit potential mid-workout stomach aches, assist in preventing muscle breakdown and discomfort, and help your muscles engage and adapt to your training.

  • Snacking after your workout will help you build muscle, repair any damage, reduce inflammation, and, if you’re feeling exhausted, will give you an energy boost.
  • It’s better to eat protein *and* carbs 30 to 45 minutes before and after high-intensity workouts You may not need to have a protein shake before or after performing less demanding exercises like yoga, strolling, and body weight training, that needs to be added, because a typical daily diet of three meals and a few snacks is probably sufficient.

To put it another way, there is no right or incorrect response to this fabled issue because it is a matter of personal preference. Additionally, studies have indicated that the effects of pre- and post-workout protein intake were comparable in terms of increasing muscle size, enhancing strength, and improving overall body composition.

should you drink protein shake before or after workout

Fuel your exercise. According to Hill, protein is essential for the health and operation of your muscles, body, and brain. “You won’t have as good of a workout if you’re depleted of protein (and carbs)” Additionally, consuming protein before working out is essential for improving physical performance and getting the most out of your sweat session.

minimise muscle deterioration Although it may seem contradictory, when you exercise, you are actually destroying the muscle fibres in your body. Therefore, we advise you on concentrating on a protein and carbohydrate combination snack before working out. A protein-rich snack before exercise helps the body absorb protein more quickly and sends it to muscle repair cells because protein includes needed amino acids.

A protein smoothie might satisfy your hunger and make you feel full if you haven’t eaten in three to four hours or don’t have time for a full meal before doing out. Protein powder is a fantastic choice if you have less than an hour before your workout because it can be absorbed fast.

increase in muscle adaption It will help to increase how well your muscles actually adapt to the training efforts if you eat before your workout. Protein prepares your muscles to work hard, in other words. Research suggests that protein supports muscle endurance to keep you feeling powerful if you’re getting ready for a particularly difficult or lengthy activity.

When should you drink protein shake before or after workout and know its benefits!

Growth of muscle

You won’t lose out on your gains because they promote muscle building just as much as drinking protein drinks after working out. Protein comprises important amino acids, which are the building blocks of muscle fibres, as you are probably aware. Pre-workout protein can be beneficial since it can be quickly absorbed and delivered to muscle cells to encourage growth.

fat loss assistance

Casein-rich protein shakes, in particular, can greatly increase the amount of energy and fat your body burns after an exercise if you’re attempting to lose weight.

Okay, so there are a lot of benefits, but what about the drawbacks of consuming a protein shake before to doing out? Cleanish Plant-Based Protein is my preferred protein since it tastes fantastic, has straightforward, healthy ingredients, is simple to digest, and has a lot of protein.

Digestive Problems

Some people dislike eating or drinking anything before doing out because it makes them feel heavy and uncomfortable.

Others experience digestive issues after consuming a protein shake before exercising or have sensitive stomachs.

There is a simple solution that can work for you if this seems familiar to you and you like to continue getting your protein fix after the workout. Ideally, you should consume your pre-workout smoothie an hour and a half before going to the gym. As an alternative to whey protein, which can be hard on sensitive stomachs, you can try a protein powder that is simple to digest, such as a plant-based protein. Now you must understand the fact should you drink protein shake before or after workout.

Disrupts a Fast

A protein drink will likely break a fast, which isn’t ideal if you want to stay in a fasted state. I go into more detail about this in my video on What I Eat In A Day, but including IF and fasted workouts in your daily routine can also have a lot of health advantages, such as increased levels of growth hormone to support muscle growth and decreased insulin and blood sugar levels to optimise fat burning and improve fat utilisation. That protein shake would get in the way if these were your major objectives.

Improved Digestion

Protein post-workout has the obvious advantage of being simpler to digest than a complete meal. You won’t feel overloaded or crash after a blood sugar increase that can occur if you eat a meal with a lot of sugary carbs if you drink a post-workout shake instead.

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I’m going to call that an advantage because if you have a busy morning and you’re running late, having a protein shake after your workout is a terrific way to nourish your body without spending too much time cooking a full breakfast.


A post-workout protein smoothie also has the advantage of replacing some of the fluids you lost while working out. Having that protein shake will also help you stay more hydrated, which is beneficial. We want to aim to drink at least half our body weight, in ounces, each day and then more with exercise. Now share with us your view that you have learned from our article about should you drink protein shake before or after workout.

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