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Expanding Your Family: How to Help Your Child Prepare for the New One?

Expanding Your Family: How to Help Your Child Prepare for the New Brothers

Expanding Your Family: How to Help Your Child Prepare for the New Brothers:

For those thinking of expansion or upcoming, you may wonder how this change may affect your child? It is important to know that the dynamics of each family are different, and every child will respond to the news and the arrival of the new brothers.

We all saw the warm-hearted video of older brothers crying when they met with their brother or sister for the first time. And the video of the child crying when they met their brothers, not a boy or child, when they hope, Therefore, the family explains the best and prepares their first self to increase the family. (Preschool and daycare near me)

Depending on the child’s age, there are many ways you can help prepare your family for new balls. No matter what is best to explain what happens in reasoning to your child and make them feel included in the process. Additional concepts include:

Read books about new babies or brothers:

  • Giving your child helps choose the color or decorate for the baby’s room.
  • Look at the pictures of children and your family members.
  • Spend time with family members or friends with children
  • Let your child be a doll to practice holding and taking care of their brothers or sisters in the future.
  • Let them draw pictures to give to the baby when they are born.
  • Prepare them when you go to work and will be in the hospital.
  • When the baby arrives, the new ball will get a lot of attention. Many families like to do something special for children, so they don’t feel left.
  • This may be a simple thing like a special lunch day or outdoors with grandmothers and grandfather or give small gifts from their brothers or sisters.

The family needs to remember that it is natural for older children to invite the pregnancy or when the baby arrives because of the baby’s attention received how much. Children also tend to reverse, such as having a Training accident Or needing a soaking soother or bottle again. This is completely normal behavior.

To help limit these cases, (Good kindergarten schools near me) The family is encouraged to explain to their children and possibly that new children must pay great attention, including your child in the explanation by telling the story about when they are the same age and how to take care of them. If your child is old, encourage them to talk about their feelings.

What is the key to helping your child prepare for new brothers?

When and will tell your child:

The more your child has more time to be familiar with the idea of ​​a better new ball. When a pregnant mother agrees, it is best to tell her child as soon as the baby appears. However, if pregnant women are experiencing sickness in the morning or have small children who can not jump in the way they are familiar with, parents may want to try telling their older children faster.

“It is the best, to be honest in avoiding making children worrying about what happened.” Mandi Silverman, Psyd, Phi Phrising Student “So don’t wait too long to tell your child.”

IF The Family Is Adopting Or Using Surrogacy, The Coming Baby May Notebe Visibly Obvious, Dr. Silverman Adds, “But Definitely Still Start The Conversation Early.”

Dr. Silverman focuses that parents must give as much children’s time as possible to ask all the questions they need. But also the same special time as each parent. “The Key Thing Here is That Parents Need to Indicate That This Is A Positive Thing for A Family,” She says. “It’s a Change, and Change – Whether It’s Good or Bad – takes time to get used to. “

The language you use to explain the language to your child should be developmentally and age appropriate. Emphasize change for the good and all the great things a new baby will bring to the family. “there’s one more person to love,” suggests dr. Silverman. “there’s somebody new to spend time with. Watching the baby do new things, and teaching him things, will be fun. Holidays will be even more special when it’s a new baby. “

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