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The Everest Base Camp( EBC) journey is a spectacular high altitude journey in the mountains of Nepal. Prepare for jaw- dropping decor and a unique artistic experience exploring the grueling trekking routes around the loftiest mountain in the world. 

 Where is Everest Base Camp( EBC)? 

 Everest Base Camp Trek is located about 150 kilometres( 90 long hauls) northeast of Kathmandu in the Khumbu region of Nepal at an altitude of,364 metres 

 Everest Base Camp is a camp where rovers stay and prepare before starting to climb the world’s loftiest mountain. The Nepalese camp is the Everest Base Camp that utmost people relate to. 

 How to hike to Mount Everest Base Camp? 

 You have three main options on how to do the journey to Everest Base Camp, you can either do a package stint through an agency, do it by yourself( no group or companion) but hire a gatekeeper or companion or do it fully independent. 

 Doing an systematized stint through an agency is a good option if you’re alone or not confident to do the journey unassisted, it’s an easier but more precious option. 

 Chancing janitors and attendants in Kathmandu is easy, just go to any original agency they will help you to organize staff for your purposes. 

 Doing it yourself isn’t hard and aeroplane

 , machine or jeep tickets from Kathmandu to Lukla is the only thing that you have to organize. You follow a veritably clear path, everybody stays in the same little “ municipalities ” with numerous tea houses, it isn’t necessary to bespeak anything. 

 Everest Base Camp journey, Nepal 

 Everest Base Camp Trek 

 still, the loftiest peak in Africa, or climbing Mount Elbrus, If like for us getting to the top of Everest is out . 

 Organised Everest Base Camp Trek 

 For some great journeys with estimable transnational companies take a look at these great tenures. 

 Everest Base Camp Trek with Klook 

 Everest Base Camp Trek with Get your companion 

 still, Taboche, Cholatse, If you’re touring in season escape the crowds by hiking the further quiet way and experience fantastic views of notorious mountains similar as K 43. Climb the tough Gokyo Ri peak for spectacular panoramic views, check out this stupendous 16 day journey diary, hiking to EBC via Gokyo Lakes! 

 There are only 2 places where you’ll find ATM’s on the Everest Base Camp hike that’s Lukla and Namche Bazaar. 

 everest base camp journey 

 Campbell and Alya touring to Everest Base Camp 

 Accommodation on the Everest Base Camp journey is in Teahouses. Teahouses are bed and breakfast lodges designed to host pedestrians. EBC teahouse lodgment in Nepal are simple, clean, and comfortable. 

 Cost of tea house accommodation – price varied between for free and$ 3 as long as you order food at the teahouse. 

You do get robes at the teahouse and sleeping in a thin resting bag in our clothes under the robes handed was sufficient at the advanced mound when it got veritably cold at night. 

 Shower on EBC Trek – Everything gets more precious as you lift. The average cost of a hot shower was NPR 500 and after a long day walking it’s surely worth it! If you journey beforehand in the season the water is frequently firmed in the pipes and you can only have a pail shower, a pail filled with hot water, which is fine, but in February at Gorkshep it’s just too cold. We packed Wet Wipes and did a ‘ dry shower ’. Pack hand sanitizer for washing hands when water or cleaner isn’t available. 

 Charging – there are lights in the apartments, but no entrapments at most tea houses and you have to pay for charging in the collaborative area, generally 200 NPR per item or per hour. 

 There are no electricity sockets in the bedrooms, can generally pay for charging in the dining room. 

 The tea house generally have a large dining hall where you eat and relax with other guests. In the center of the dining room is a fireplace that burns wood and yak soil. 

 At all the lodges we stayed there were now Western toilets. You have to take your own restroom paper. 

 There are nice lodges available in some of the townlets($ 20-40) see in the diary latterly in the composition. 


 The tea houses vend nice refections and utmost people eat 2 or 3 refections per day at the tea houses where you stay. It’s anticipated that you’ll eat regale and breakfast at the tea house where you overnight, if you do n’t you’re charged a lot further for accommodation($ 15 rather of$ 3). 

 Dhal Bhat is the chief numerous people live on during the journey and the janitors always eat this. at most places it’s ‘ bottomless ’, when your plate gets empty they will refill your dahl, rice and potatoes, if they do n’t offer just ask!

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