Dubai Holidays Tips

Dubai, the city of dream is a must visit place for any travel lover. It is a model city where modernization has taken place while keeping its traditions and heritage intact.

It is also a city that has a status for being expensive – and with the city’s luxury hotels, Dubai tour packages, amazing shopping malls and gourmet dining spots, that could extremely well end up being the case. Anyway, Dubai is definitely still within reach of those traveling on a budget. If you are visiting Dubai and looking to keep some money, here are some of the top things to do in Dubai and tricks for cheap Dubai tour packages.

Plane tickets on a budget

As a common rule, it is forever best to try and book your tickets a few months in advance. This will help you obtain the best holiday packages in Dubai rates. Since Dubai is such a famous visitor place, many airlines provide unique promotions, so try to keep an eye out for those. For example, Etihad keeping running list of unique fares on its site and the Emirates site continually shows the featured fares for flights from your country. Budget airlines, such as Fly Dubai can provide en more amazing deals on Dubai holidays . Picking one of the UAEs local airlines can provide you access to special visitor offers and discounts in Dubai, permitting for even more savings. Soon you may be able to book air taxi in Dubai and travel fast and cheap by air in Dubai and any city of UAE.

Book your hotel months in advance

Because Dubai is becoming such a famous holiday spot, and because October through April is the best time for visitors to visit, you want to be sure you have a perfect plan. In order to do so, make your hotel reservation a best 2 or 3 months in advance.

Dress modestly

As you pack your holidays to Dubai wardrobe, think conservative over flashy and revealing. Women’s dressing is considered indecent if it is too little, transparent and tight, while men should never walk around within a tee on. Dress modestly to reject unwanted focus and respect to Muslim culture.

Be careful where you drink alcohol

The attitude to drinking in Dubai is pretty unclear. Despite the fact that every bar and restaurant serve a big range of beverages, their use is permitted in specially designed locations only. Appearance on a street of the city in a drunken state is a break of public order, and so in some cases such behavior can lead visitors to big fines.

User public phones

The top way to make phone calls to other countries and cities is to use unique public phones that can be found close to a all big shopping and entertainment centers. These pay phones are run by plastic cards, which can be purchased at newsstands or grocery shops. Calls from hotels are generally expensive.

Ask permission before taking pictures, taking pictures of local people without their permission will be considered sign of disrespect and bad manners. Women dressed in long black shoes cannot be photographed due to religious reasons. Also, visitors are prohibited to take images of strategically vital facilities (the city airport area, police station or sea berth).

Even with some of the hard laws, you should not hesitate to visit Dubai if you get the chance.

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