Design Your Dream Kitchen – The Essential Designing Tips You Must Consider

It goes without saying that your kitchen hosts a wide range of essential tasks. Hence, it’s essential for it to be functional and also appear good. You could be eating, cleaning, entertaining or cooking, the kitchen is a space that you must enjoy being in. If you opt-in for a thoughtful kitchen design, you will end up loving your kitchen space.

Are you planning to redesign your kitchen? Are you aiming for a kitchen remodel? If yes, then you need to follow a few essential guidelines to get started. The guidance comprises of décor tips to suggestions about a high-quality double bowl sink and other essential kitchen accessories. If you don’t know where to get started, you are in the correct article. Here we will discuss some of the essential features of the kitchen, which looks stunning and caters to all your needs effectively.

Here are some décor and design ideas that you can opt-in for.

Reduce the wasted steps

When you are getting a kitchen organized, you should think about where and how do you use the items. You can store the bowls and breakfast foods close to the breakfast table. It is also essential to keep plastic and wraps containers in a handy place close to the work surface for wrapping the leftovers. You can keep the flatware and the dishware close to the dishwasher for easing the unloading process.

Design the wide walkways

Ensure that the kitchen floor plan comprises ample room between the cabinetry and an island for moving easily through the available space. Also, as a rule, the paths in the kitchen must be approximately 36 inches wide. The aisles inside the cooking zone must be about 42 inches wide for a single-cook kitchen. It should be 48-inches wide if you are considering a two-cook configuration. Also, when you are planning, you need to manage the peninsulas and the kitchen islands accordingly.

The direct traffic all through your kitchen

The traffic flow is an essential consideration when you are getting your kitchen designed. If you want to have a kitchen that accommodates a child, you should place the cooktop away from the traffic spaces so that kids don’t catch the handles and result in spills as they pass through. You should also make the refrigerator accessible for both people and the passer-by working in clean-up and cooking spaces.

It would help if you steered clear from the corners

You can pay attention to the corners when you decide to place the appliances and cabinetry. In order to make the appliance and cabinet completely functional, you can plan the space for the clearance of the door and also swing the direction in the kitchen design. Make sure to keep all the appliances away from the corners and ensure that doors don’t bang against one another if its open for a long-time.

You should always come across the correct height for your microwave

The apt location and height for the microwave oven will differ depending on the chef’s kid-friendly nature. Also, the 15 inches atop the countertop level is a great microwave height for an adult. When kids use the appliance, there is a beneath countertop set-up that can be suitable and secure.

Decide the function of the island

When you are focusing on the kitchen island, it’s the form that follows function. You should think about the ways in which you should use the island inside the space prior to opting in for the design. In case, you wish to eat and cook in a kitchen island, for instance, you should have ample space for the cooktop to get securely separated from the dining space. Also, an island can accommodate various other elements like the dishwasher or sink for extra functionality.

Plan a landing area close to the appliance

The landing area close to the appliances offers a place for keeping items while preparing ingredients and cooking. As you design the kitchen space, you should enable 15 inches of the countertop on every side of the refrigerator or cooktop. The landing area should also essentially be close to the microwave and various other small appliances, for instance toaster and coffee pot.

Opt-in for the countertops

You need to think about your requirements for the meal preparation to enable you to guide the countertop choices. The chefs who prefer cooking will need added counter space than the ones who cook infrequently and prepare simple meals. In addition to that, you should also incorporate about two countertop heights that can make the baking process easier and enable the kids in the meal preparations.

The appliances for the double-up kitchen

When there are extensive cooking requirements or a big family, you need to double up the appliances that you use most. Hence, a second mini-refrigerator, refrigerator drawer, or microwave oven placed at the kitchen edge work center, will disseminate the workload and keep the snackers out from the cook. You can add the snack bar stools for the after-school place for the kids.

You can arrange for the range space

You can plan for storing the crucial cooking essentials in space directly in and around the range. Also, you can position a shelf behind or beside the range for keeping utensils, cooking oils and the spices handy. Make sure to place all the S-hooks at the side of range hoods for hanging frequently used pans and spots.

You should install the pot-filler

Are you tired of dragging the water-filled pots from your sink to the countertop? Sometimes, a pot-filler installed close to the cooktop fills the pots close to where you can heat it. Additionally, you can also get an extra-long hose attachment installed to the primary faucet to fill the pots atop the cooktop.

Get smart with storing knives

Go ahead and hang the knives on the magnetic strip that gets tacked to the backsplash. You should place it atop the countertop stretch that you generally use for prepping ingredients. It makes it simpler to locate the correct knife for the job and ensures that the dangerous items are away from children’s reach.

These are a few factors that you need to consider when you plan to remodel or design your kitchen space and give it the look you want.

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