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Custom Foundation Boxes a Stunning Way to Stand Out On The Cosmetic Shelf - DAILY BELY

Custom Foundation Boxes a Stunning Way to Stand Out On The Cosmetic Shelf

Do you know a good foundation is a key to long-lasting makeup? Yes, it is 100% accurate. Therefore, it’s a staple makeup product. Custom foundation boxes are the best way to find a perfect match for your skin. You can read the foundation composition, application, and benefits. 

Hence if it matches your skin type and makes it to the cart. Thus, customized packaging decides the fate of your brand’s success! Get ready to thrive in the competitive market with our innovative designs. After thorough market research and customer reviews, we have collected great tips and tricks.

Without any delay, give this blog a read.

Eco-Friendly Custom Foundation Boxes

Have you ever visited the display cabinets at the beauty shops? They are full of cosmetic products. You can find the world’s best shampoo, serum, compact powder, foundation, etc. And it’s so fascinating. But the story doesn’t end up here!

Customized packaging is the real big thing. In fact, it is the one thing that makes your brand outshine others. Therefore, you can make your foundations popular with custom foundation boxes. You can design them in cardboard, kraft, or rigid stock. It is quite a versatile packaging stock and offers infinite color, design, and print options. Above all, it is 100% biodegradable.

Boxes with custom dividers

The purpose of custom inserts or partitioners is to create a cushioning effect. It supports the foundation jar and prevents it from damage. So, whether it’s a plastic or a glass container, you need not worry about its safety. With custom inserts, the product will reach safely to the final destination.

Thus, for delicate and high-end items, you can pick foam, cardboard, kraft, or rigid inserts. However, you can make the inserts more attractive with eye-catching images or text. It elevates the unboxing experience and makes the customers happy. And also, turns existing customers into loyal ones. 

Custom foundation boxes with die cuts

It is also known as partial cover packaging. And a transparent sheet is attached at the front and lets the customers peep through it. The size of the window varies depending on the box style and size. Anyhow it makes the cosmetic boxes attractive and informative.

For example, it educates the buyers about the foundation type and size. Further, you can make it informative by printing the following details.

  • Application method
  • Chemical formulation
  • Warning labels
  • Manufacturing address
  • Social media links
  • Price

Counter top display box

Do you want to boost your foundation sales? You can order a countertop display box. It comes with or without inserts. The dividers make the wholesale foundation boxes spacious, organized, and attractive. And they are available in different stocks, colors, and styles.

Anyhow counter display box keeps the multiple foundation jars in place. And on top of that, it increases the sales rates.

Plus, you can customize the boxes in different colors, coatings, designs, and add-ons. 

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Right-size foundation packaging

Foundation is the most important makeup item; hence it stays always in demand. You can find cream, water-based, serum, and powder foundations at beauty shops. Moreover, people always carry their foundation while traveling. Therefore quality packaging is very much important. 

So, we suggest using durable, long-lasting, and sustainable stock (kraft, cardboard, or rigid). But that’s not enough. Right-size custom foundation boxes are a no-brainer. It is easy to assemble, carry and display. And on top of that, it greatly lowers packaging waste. 

Luxury packaging style

There is no denying that the beauty industry spends a fortune on brand marketing campaigns. And that’s the secret to their record-breaking sales and fame. Brands opt for luxury packaging to introduce their new product line. It depicts their creativity and grandness and sets them apart. 

Hence it amps up the brand value and attracts buyers worldwide. But that’s only possible if you add an X factor to your boxes. For example, you can pick foil stamping, spot UV, ribbons, cards, stickers, or hang tags to decorate the boxes.

Why choose iCustomBoxes?

We design creative and functional wholesale foundation boxes at a reasonable price. In addition, we offer discounted rates and seasonal deals. For startup businesses, our minimum order policy works best. It lets you order a minimum of hundred boxes; on the flip side, you can order as many boxes as you like.

Hence, no matter the quantity, our quality assurance team ensures that our packaging matches the international packaging criteria. So whether it’s a bulk or a short-run order, there is no compromise on the box’s quality. 

Therefore, get in touch with our in-house geniuses and taste the finest quality like never before. Dial +1-800-347-2197 and talk to our packaging consultants. Or you can email, and our team will revert to you within a day. 

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