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Custom Boxes: Ultimate Guide for Growing Your E-commerce Business

Custom Boxes: Ultimate Guide for Growing Your E-commerce Business

A recent industry survey amazed many marketers regarding doubts over the use of custom boxes for e-commerce packaging. They pointed out this fear as one of the main reasons for e-companies going out of business within the starting year. All these apprehensions need to be laid to rest if your e-brand aims to hit the bull’s eye.

As we all know, e-commerce sectors are inflating by the minute. It is a lucrative business to be in but higher customer expectations often make it tricky to affirm foot here. Of late, custom shipping boxes have emerged as a dependable branding tool. One that takes care of many business objectives in one go.

E-brands that question the effectiveness of their packaging in strongly establishing the business among numerous rivals, usually get squeezed out of the markets pretty soon.

We are here to list some facts about e-commerce packaging that can erase common fears surrounding it. Have a look below.

Doubt 1: Custom shipping boxes are highly priced

While the price tags may be higher than those placed on standard boxes. One needs to look at how the boxes contribute to the overall cost-cuttings to analyze their worth.

custom boxes

Customized e-commerce packaging is made of:

  • Precise sizes that are made according to the product measurements.
  • Made out of sustainable stock paper that is cheaper than other options.
  • Relevant box thicknesses protect the items and prevent customer complaints.
  • Informative boxes allow safer logistics and functional deliveries.

All these features are missing from plain brown boxes that do little to protect the contents and use up more materials required for smaller products.

Result: all in all, the custom-made e-commerce boxes are far better at lowering overall costs as they are obtainable in the exact sizes and densities. They work to lower pressure on customer requests for refunds and elevate the brand’s repute at the same time.

Doubt 2: Customers don’t bother about the packaging

A common perception is that the packaging doesn’t matter much for clients. But the reality is far from this. Recent customer polls have time and over pointed towards how essential packaging designs are to entice more sales orders.

Over 55% of customers said that they are more likely to buy from the brand again when they receive branded boxes.

A further 62% said that they would recommend a brand to family and friends if the boxes are impressive enough. These and more poll results are enough to convince e-sellers to include customized versions of packaging for shipping deliveries.

Result: Customers carefully value the boxes they receive and therefore, it is wise to include custom designs and dimensions to the shipping boxes. Your brand is bound to experience better brand awareness and robust customer loyalty as a result.

Doubt 3: Time-consuming task

Many sellers consider designing the branded custom boxes as a waste of time. Some of them don’t possess the required skills and resources and opt for bland packaging instead.

The fact is that recyclable box materials are easy to cut and fold. There are numerous printing options available that let you design the boxes on your laptop using several templates. The whole design process is made convenient thanks to modern techniques. You can also make last-minute changes to the box layout and even get modified boxes for every occasion.

Result: once you get in touch with expert printing houses, they would tell you of the many free services they provide to make the designing process affordable and immediate. Your business would save on time and prevent the loss of potential customers.

Doubt 4: Can’t control logistics

Not all e-brands have the means to ship their items themselves, therefore, they don’t bother putting in efforts to make the boxes strong or reliable enough.

However, this is the exact reason you need custom shipping boxes for!

The boxes can be printed with several important instructions regarding the ideal transportation and storage conditions. This allows the boxes to reach customers in their original form without the brand having to spend on getting its own shipping network.

One needs to put effort into creating durable and sustainable boxes because customers review these on their social media handles. One bad review can deter future growth plans.

Result: While the logistics are handled by third-parties, your brand can still control the box layout and framework so the customers get the boxes in favorable conditions and share their pleasant shopping experiences with numerous other potential customers.

Doubt 5: Customization is not for every brand

Many e-sellers think that their fragile products cannot be effectively stored in customized shipping boxes. They either turn to standard boxes or add more amount of box fillings, ultimately adding to costs and making shipping unreliable.

An effective alternative is to present the boxes with modified fittings for the exact products. This is the reason that even the most sensitive items or perishable food products are effectively shipped on daily basis.

Result: Apart from stating the handling and storage instructions on the boxes, sellers can also benefit from adding custom trays, handles, firm locks, and more to their packaging. Experienced box manufacturers in the field can help you find the right box for your brand no matter the business image or products in question. So, if you are experiencing regular customer complaints regarding failed deliveries and want to improve the brand’s value aesthetic then getting appropriate boxes is a must.

Doubt 6: Set design patterns

Several e-brand owners assume that they can only pick the pre-set box designs and dimensions when going for customized shipping boxes. But this is not true.

Result: Sellers can have any custom designs, patterns, and textures they want on the boxes. They can also get the boxes in any size and shape they desire. It makes for the perfect packaging solution that works for branding too.


With such intense competition in all e-commerce consumer markets, one cannot undermine the importance of custom boxes. You can shun the above doubts and get the ideal boxes with ease and convenience.

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