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It should be a marvel of the world with the enterprises that help one another. And are essential, for example, the “gaming industry” and the “it industry” that can measure up to a cake. That must be combined.

Since supposing that there is no it industry. The game business won’t have great hardware to foster computer games for us to play. Also, assuming there is no game industry the equipment market and its market are still peaceful. Particularly with the control center market where many organizations will lose the chance to bring in cash in this segment.

Also, in 2018, it’s viewed as one more year. That the innovation in the gaming business has come out a lot. In any case, the greater part of these advancements will be “collecting power” from the previous year until. The achievement and ubiquity this year. Then again, innovation doesn’t exist all things considered. Yet, there might be not much of the numbers contrasted with the previous year.

Subsequently, in this article, gaming dose will present “5 cool technologies of the game industry of 2018”, will. There be any innovation that has at any point gone through your ears? Or on the other hand, will there be any intriguing innovation? How about we see.

NVidia RTX ray tracing

Most importantly, we need to make sense of that ray tracing innovation isn’t new. Furthermore, has been utilized in the field of pc designs for quite a while, whether it is animation, visual effects, or modeling that has been utilizing innovation to make reasonable and excellent illustrations by ray tracing is an innovation in the light and shadow. To make a more sensible and wonderful occurrence picture

Which for the gaming business, well… it’s not new at any rate. Since ray-tracing innovation has been utilized in the gaming business for quite a while too. However, the topic of the occurrence may not be that reasonable or excellent. However, it is accepted that beforehand, ray tracing innovation was utilized too.

Yet, this year, we will utilize the most sensible and excellent beam following innovation for the gamer market from NVidia with new series of illustrations cards like the “RTX 2000 series” that they have gotten the innovation from the designs card on the functioning side. Designs (, for example, “RTX ray tracing” is utilized for illustrations cards for the gamer market.

By adding a picture processor for ray tracing, particularly that is thought of as modest… Indeed, even though the cost is ruthless for gamers. However, with an innovative video card that upholds RTX ray tracing at the base, the cost is as yet 70,000 baht, it is viewed as at an ok level. Since the illustrations card on the gaming side that upholds this innovation is estimated in the reach. 30,000-50,000 baht in particular

Yet, one thing that we can see from this innovation

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Ray tracing is as yet in the degree of “big medicine” for the gamer market. Because many games don’t uphold this RTX ray tracing framework, in addition to the innovation is as yet to be costly. That is excessively costly although we say. That the cost is modest contrasted with, however since the RTX 2000 series illustrations cards are intended to be utilized unexpectedly.

Consequently, according to the perspective of gamers, it isn’t weird to see that this innovation is excessively costly. Which something like this consumes a large chunk of the day the cost is getting less expensive and less expensive, very much like the other innovation we’ll discuss in this article?

Even though RTX ray tracing innovation may not be an innovation that can be gotten to by a huge gathering. Yet have an excessive cost but with the exposure in addition to the show. That is known to invigorate the energy of numerous gamers of baccrate (บาคาร่า). This makes RTX ray tracing innovation stick to 1 of every 5.

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