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Come and lost into the beauty of Inverness city - DAILY BELY

Come and lost into the beauty of Inverness city

Inverness, dubbed the Highlands capital, is a common stop on a number of the routes that pass through Scotland. It’s a wonderful base for excursions, but not everyone passes through: you could be lured to the enigmatic Loch Ness. Home of Nessie, or to Urquhart Castle, all of which are worth visiting if you have the time. The sight is often ignored by visitors on way to Loch Ness or any of the other natural wonders found in the Scottish Highlands. 

However, if you have the chance, dedicate some time to Inverness and prepare to be amazed. Although it is far smaller and calmer than Glasgow or Edinburgh and has fewer attractions, it does not lack charm. There is enough to keep you engaged during the weekend in this section. Impressed? Are you looking for an offbeat vacation with either your friends or family?  Get packed, book british airways reservations in any class and save up to 40% off on one-way & round trips on every flight. So keep reading and look at the pick for the best places to see & things to do.

Inverness Castle is a Scottish Highlands castle

As you reach Inverness, you will be struck by the castle’s stunning silhouette. Which stands on a hill above the city and commands a commanding position over the whole city. The current tower was built on the foundations of its medieval forerunners. Regarded as one of the most modern constructions in the United Kingdom. Inverness Castle is now being utilized to house various local government departments and is thus closed to the public. Without a doubt, the views of the city from the hotel’s grounds are stunning.

Take a leisurely walk around Inverness’s centre (and the Victorian market)

Inverness’s old center, which is modest and attractive, is situated on one of the River Ness’s banks. The village is surrounded by a small network of pedestrian streets and a few buildings dating from the turn of the century. Allowing for the possibility that it will just take an hour to explore, go ahead and do it. Without too many unfavorable encounters, you can always go shopping or visit the Victorian market. Which is architecturally Victorian but lacks intriguing businesses. And then there’s one of the city’s bridges, the one closest to the central business district. Which is lighted at night with colored lights.

Visit the Ness Islands, a series of Scottish islands

The River Ness Islands, situated only minutes from Inverness, are one of the most fascinating places to explore in the city. They are a haven of tranquillity and nature that is conveniently accessible from the city’s central business district. Simply follow the Ness River’s flow and you’ll come across them. Complete with their greenery, flora, and animals, as well as their little bridges that link the two sides of the river. The other tones dominate the picture in the autumn, while the flowers take center stage in the spring and summer.

Take a walk around the Caledonian Canal at your leisure

The last section of the Great Glen Way (one of the most popular walking routes in Scotland) travels through Inverness and along the Caledonian Canal before arriving at the town. Following the Ness Islands’ guidance signs will bring you there in no time. Tiny boats docked in small ports dot the landscape, as do residences and trees that seem to reflect in the water as if it were a mirror, as well as some tranquil ducks and swans. Muirtown’s locks are not bad at all, despite the fact that they are not as stunning as Fort Augustus’s lock complex. Clachnaharry will come into view at the end of it all when you cross the railway lines. This is the point at which the canal dissolves into the waters of Beauly Fjord, signaling the end of the voyage.

Sustain a close eye on the Ness River as it meanders over the terrain

Despite its lesser-known status than its sister lake. The River Ness provides Inverness with a pleasant riverbank promenade excellent for summer strolls. Consider spending time on it and following its journey as it flows from typical British dwellings to natural environs through tiny pedestrian bridges. If you are lucky enough, you may observe several natives in the water trying to catch salmon.

Take delight in the Beauly Firth sights

The Beauly Firth runs between Beauly and Inverness, just a few minutes from Highland city. At this point, the River Ness meets the sea, producing a breathtaking panorama that glows crimson at sunset and becomes even more breathtaking at low tide. If you are courageous enough to follow the River Ness’s path, you will be pleasantly pleased.

Hootananny is a drinking and dancing establishment

It should be unlawful to visit the Highlands without indulging in some Scottish popular culture, all the more so when institutions like the Hootananny in Inverness exist. This pub and performing venue is a historic site. Locals often pack the facility to enjoy the almost daily live music concerts and ceilidhs. If you want to avoid missing out on anything, visit their website and determine who you want to see there.

Last Words

In the end, we hope you may like the shortlisted places you can visit in Inverness mentioned above. So, wait no more. Plan your trip with and get the best United Kingdom personalized package to have the most memorable experience ever!

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