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Choosing the Right Wire Cutters

Choosing the right wire cutters is an important part of setting up a functional toolbox, allowing you to deliver the best possible results on all projects and tasks. 

With high-quality wire cutters, you can complete a range of projects with ease, cutting and manipulating wires as needed to support a variety of building, construction, wiring, and electrical projects. 

Are you wondering how to the choose the right wire cutters to suit your professional needs? Here’s what you need to know. 

What are wire cutters?

Wire cutters are used to cleanly cut various wire types. They feature strong grips, making them easy to hold, and sharp blades equipped to cut easily through wire pieces. 

The best wire cutters are designed to prevent sharp edges, reduce the risk of injury. They also help to reduce the risk of damage to remaining wire pieces by cutting cleanly without affecting the integrity of the rest of the wire.

Wire cutters are used across a range of tasks and applications. Often, they are used to facilitate electrical and communications wiring work, but they can also be used for cutting wires in jewellery making and other fine tasks. 

How to the choose the right wire cutters

Choosing the right wire cutters is essential if you want to obtain the best possible project results. 

In order to choose the right cutters for your needs, it’s important to take the following considerations into account. 

Check the cutting capacity

Before purchasing wire cutters, you’ll need to check the cutting capacity of your chosen tool to ensure that it is able to accommodate your cutting needs. 

All wire cutters are rated based on their cutting capacity, which relates to the size and type of wires they can cut effectively. Typically, this rating will be based on either the wire gauge or the diameter of the cable. 

By checking the cutting capacity of your wire cutters, you can find out what tools will be able to fulfill your requirements on the job.

Consider blade material

When buying wire cutters, it’s always important to consider the blade material used for your chosen tool, as this will affect what types of wires the tool can cut. 

Some wire cutters are only suitable for cutting aluminium and copper wires, which are common in electrical applications. If you need to cut steel cables or another wire material, look for wire cutters that are suitable for this use. 

By ensuring that your blade materials are the right choice for your cutting applications, you can prevent damage to wire products and the blade of your wire cutters. 

Think about insulation

As you make your wire cutter choice, it’s always a good idea to consider insulation. Insulated and non-insulated cutters can have different applications in the workplace. 

Insulated wire cutters include an extra layer of insulation built in to the tool. This makes these cutters the right choice for electrical applications, as they can be used on live wires safely. Non-insulated wires are suitable for many tasks, but they cannot be used on live wires if you work on electrical projects. 

Checking for insulation when choosing new wire cutters is essential. Doing so can keep you safe at work, reducing the risk of injury when using wire cutters. 
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