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As the monsoons arrive on the Indian peninsula, many green gardening lovers hope for a rich crop. While some people look forward to cultivating only rainy season flowers in India, others send bouquets to their loved ones over the internet. Whether you enjoy gardening or want to enjoy the pleasures of pre-arranged flowers without getting your hands dirty, it is indisputable that monsoon blossoms are fascinating!


It is often said that the Indian monsoon tends to awaken nature from a deep slumber by transforming dry land into a green coloured picturesque landscape; most valleys become home to various species of wildflowers in unique designs and colours during this season, and rain forests become dense with different species of flora and fauna during the rainy season. With rivers in full flow, lush green trees and lovely flowers blooming all around, the Indian monsoon offers some of the most naturally stunning sights. You can also look for options for flower delivery in Bangalore to give your loved ones this monsoon.


This is one of the most common and one of the most beautiful trees to plant during the rainy season. During the monsoon, these golden blooms are arranged in bunches against the foliage, creating a lovely sight. These plants may also fill up any gaps in your landscape. Aside from beautifying your yard, the leaves of this tree may be eaten as a vegetable, and the seeds can be utilised as a good source of protein for cattle.

All Monsoon Cassia need for optimum growth is enough sunlight and air. Gurgaon is a city where the monsoon is celebrated very well. If you wish to give flowers to your loved ones during the monsoon to remind you of them, you can go looking for online mother day flower delivery in Gurgaon.


Because of its pleasant scent and majestic white look, this may be one of the greatest flowers to beautify your yard during the monsoon season. Cape Jasmine also called as ‘gandhraja’ because of its capacity to perfume the entire yard where it is grown, may be utilised as a container plant, hedge, groundcover, or bonsai.


A common garden annual that ranges in size from extremely small to towering. Flowers come in various shapes and colours, including pink, orange, white, crimson, purple, and golden yellow.


What could be more beautiful than a scarlet-coloured blossom in the middle of a gloomy day? Gulmohar flowers and green foliage provide a striking contrast guaranteed to inspire optimism and joy. This is a characteristic monsoon flower since it only blooms when raining incessantly. Even when they wither and fall, these flowers add a splash of colour to their surroundings!


Lotus is one of those flowers that may be cultivated in a backyard pond. It is one of the most unusual monsoon flowers you may cultivate. Its beauty and timeless design continue to entice. Lotus flowers are also used in flower bouquets, and while they do not stay long in bouquets, their elegance and sophisticated impact are stunning.

Lotus may also be utilised to decorate your home because they float in practically any body of water. Florists frequently use these flowers to cover regions where there are bodies of water, and arranging lotuses with their lotus leaves in various colours brightens and beautifies the corner decor.


With its deep green foliage and colourful trumpet-shaped blooms, the Hibiscus plant shines out in any garden. They are simple to cultivate and produce many flowers throughout the monsoon season! The blooms are attractive to butterflies and other pollinators. It is available in various colours, including dark red, yellow, white, orange, pink, and peach.


Also known as Zephyr lilies, rain flowers and fairy lilies, rain lilies are petite and grow not more than a foot in height. These flowers come in several hues and bloom from late spring through late summer and even during the rainy season. Multiple flowers bloom on each stem. Cherish their beauty during the monsoons.


Plumeria plants are little trees that are endemic to tropical climates. They are sometimes referred to as Lei blossoms and frangipani. They are popular for their smell and come in a variety of hues.


Cosmos flowers are highly attractive and are used for decorating. These flowers would look great in a rustic garden. These blooms are popular with bees, birds, and butterflies. Their presence may entice butterflies to visit your yard.

Aside from the ones described above, there are many different rainy season flowers for your garden that will transform any garden into an attractive and colorful outdoor place. With these magnificent blossoms, you may transform the appearance of your garden and provide freshness, beauty, and happiness to your environment. Gift a bouquet to your loved ones to remind them of you. If you are staying in the states, you can try to send gifts to India from the USA.

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