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3 Things To Consider When Applying As A Restaurant Manager

Restaurant management is a career that involves managing a restaurant. It is also essential because restaurant manager handle a variety of duties, such as hiring and managing staff. Thus, if you are planning to apply, there are several things you need to know. Below are ideas that could help you land your ideal position and … Read more

How can students of different grades improve their English skills?

English is an international language, and students of every country have to learn the rules and regulations of this language to survive. People living in European countries are familiar with this language because this is their mother tongue, but it creates trouble for people from other parts of the world. Learning this language is important … Read more

What Is Ttu blackboard?

In the covid times, everything seems to be disturbed, and the education sector will probably suffer the most. There was no way of continuing the physical studies amid the risk of the virus, and due to this, many universities and colleges switched to online and hybrid study systems. The online; learning systems provided a stable … Read more

How To Embrace Life as a Lifelong Learner

If you are out of school and busy pursuing a career, your quest for information and knowledge may not be as intense as it was when you were still a student. Perhaps you think you are too busy juggling family and work obligations to carve out time for education. However, learning should be a lifelong … Read more

Fun Math Games to Enhance Mathematical Knowledge of Children

Kids start learning more advanced mathematical concepts by the time they reach fifth grade. They are introduced to multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, etc. To help them understand the concept they are learning, you can conduct engaging games for children. These games help children understand the concepts and solve mathematical problems with speed and accuracy. Kids … Read more

How to build an email list with an EDU email

If you’re interested in building your email list, but you don’t have the budget or resources to run a full-blown email marketing campaign with Google AdWords, Facebook ads, etc., then I have some good news for you! Your university email address gives you access to all the students and alumni who are subscribed to your … Read more


In mathematics, multiplication is a very important concept. This is a mathematical method that helps in estimating the product of two or more numbers. Multiplication is used in everyday life. To grasp the learning of multiplication we need to first memorize the multiplication tables. The multiplication table will priorly range from 1 to 10.  Suppose … Read more

How to Read Newspapers to Prepare for Current Affairs for UPSC Exam


In the UPSC examination, the Current Affairs section tests candidates on their knowledge of social, financial, and political developments. Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments on a daily basis is the best way to prepare. Preparing for the General Awareness section can be made easier with daily, weekly, and monthly Current Affairs for UPSC exam … Read more