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Can you blend powdered sugar and regular sugar for cotton candy? - DAILY BELY

Can you blend powdered sugar and regular sugar for cotton candy?

It can be done using only a sugar mixer. If you do this, make sure that you use a clean mixing bowl. Make sure that the mixing surface is clean.

Keep an eye on the sugar mixture and avoid adding too much sugar to the mix. If you keep stirring it over time, you will end up with lumpy cotton candy. If you use sugar in your mouth, try chewing it gently. The texture of your candy will also depend on the amount of air in the mix.

Too little air and your candy will be hard. If the sugar gets too dry, it will be sticky and you won’t be able to handle it. Add more water, but don’t add too blending sugar and powdered sugar cotton candy much water to the mix. If you add too much water, your mix will end up being too soft and it will be hard to knead.

The consistency of the mix should be about the same consistency as a cake batter. Don’t add any flavoring ingredients to your cotton candy. Mixing the sugar until you get the right consistency can take a while. You can buy a sugar mixer online. It can make your job easier. This tool is used to make cakes, pies, and meringues. Some of the sugar mixers come with other attachments such as a paddle and a whisk.

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