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Can Canopy Tents Fit Inside Small Event Spaces?

Can Canopy Tents Fit Inside Small Event Spaces?

In-person marketing is back. During the COVID19 pandemic, in-person marketing events like tradeshows, business conferences, etc., became almost obsolete. Now, in the post-pandemic era, clients are showing interest in safe, in-person events again. How can brands prepare to address these interaction-hungry customers? There are many techniques to use.

The event marketing industry is worth over $11 billion. The brands that drive this multi-billion-dollar industry use various marketing tricks and techniques to create high-quality in-person experiences. One widely used tool in outdoor social events is custom-printed marketing tents. No outdoor event feels complete without these tents. Assuming you are intending to have an outside occasion, you will observe that numerous occasion rental organizations offer an assortment of tent styles. It is useful to realize the phrasing used to depict the different tent sorts, and which type is the best fit for your specific occasion.

However, these tents can only serve as decorative additions to events if they’re the right size. High-quality canopy tents come in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Can these tents fit inside the event locations your brand is planning to visit in the future? Yes. The average size of these tents is 10 feet x 10 feet. Tents of this size are ideal for events because –

Create Defined Spaces

With 10 feet × 10 feet canopy tents, brands can create their own defined spaces at events. Event locations are typically very crowded. Brands that want to stand out must create their own defined spaces at these locations.

10 feet × 10 feet marketing tents are ideally sized for this. They’re not too big to take up too much space at the event location. They’re also not too small to feel over-crowded or insignificant.

Offer Attendees Weather Protection

Marketing tents are usable 24×7. 10 feet × 10 feet marketing tents offer users plenty of space. These tents can easily fit 5 to 10 people. In case the weather conditions turn sour, these tents can provide event attendees total safety from the weather elements.

That’s because most 10 feet × 10 feet tents are made of highly durable PVC material. This material is both sun and water-resistant.

Use Tents of Custom Sizes

Of course, 10 feet × 10 feet tents are not ideal for all situations. At some events, brands will receive very little space. No worries! These brands can easily order smaller tents from the same tent sellers. Modern-day sellers of marketing tents offer their products in custom sizes.

You can easily buy smaller tents for smaller-scale events. Plus, 10 feet × 10 feet tents are easy to set up and uninstall. Let’s say you visit a marketing event with these tents. You notice you don’t have enough space to set up your 10 feet × 10 feet custom-printed marketing tents.

You can easily disassemble your tent and store it in your car. These tents are made of durable and flexible materials. Their quality doesn’t deteriorate when you store them inside tight spaces. Ideally, your brand should have two or three custom-printed 10 feet × 10 feet marketing tents.

These standard-sized tents will be useful in most events. Brand leaders are also advised to keep slightly smaller and bigger tents in their marketing arsenals for special occasions. Use those smaller or bigger tents at specific events with special space-related requirements. Use the 10 feet × 10 feet tents at the main events!

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