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Buying Guide For Planetary Mixer; A Commercial Catering Equipment

Buying Guide For Planetary Mixer; A Commercial Catering Equipment

Commercial Spiral mixer and commercial planetary mixers are the most common commercial mixers, both popular for their versatile functionality, power motor, service life, low maintenance, cost-effectiveness, and productivity.

Let’s have a look at the extensive buying details of this commercial catering equipment.

Residential Mixers vs. Commercial Mixers

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There are some major and minor differences between the Residential mixers and commercial mixers, which are as follows;

  1. Commercial mixers have solid motors, drives, and gears compared to the machinery designed for domestic uses. It is because commercial mixers, like commercial spiral mixers, are designed to perform heavy duties and run longer. 
  2. Commercial mixers are far more durable than domestic mixers because they are channelized to perform for comparatively longer life without getting affected.  
  3. Commercial mixers have far better quality material that helps them run for longer and work for larger quantities. While if we discuss the residential mixers, they work like hobby horses, like mixing cookie batter, etc.
  4. Regarding the price range and affordability, residential mixers are available for minimal prices. But the commercial mixers are much more cost-effective and have a longer life.

Factors to consider before buying a Commercial mixer

Have a look at it;

Types of commercial mixers

There are two main types;

Commercial Planetary Mixers:

They perform versatile functionality and make different kinds of food. They have one moving part, which is a dough hook or whisk. The rest is fixed, and the control panel helps in managing thickness. 

Commercial Spiral mixers:

They are dough-eccentric machines that are not versatile and are used to mix the dough properly in larger quantities. They are mostly used in restaurants and bakeries to make pizza, cookies, and cake dough.


  • Capacity of mixers

The commercial mixers and countertop mixers have major differences in capacity. The commercial one works for a larger quantity.

  • Features of Commercial Mixers

You should look for multiple features while buying a Planetary or Commercial spiral mixer. Look for all of them;

  • Body

Commercial mixers are made of different products preferred by the brands. So, look for aluminium and iron-cast bodies.

  • Motor

The horsepower of the machine relies on its size and function of the machine. Usually, it is one horsepower for normal dough, while for hard dough, it is two horsepower.

  • Transmission mode

The transmission mode for different commercial mixers is quite different. It is belt-driven in some of them or gear-driven in others.


Belt-driven transmission

  • This is present in smaller capacity machines as countertop mixers.
  • Less expensive, repairable, 
  • More speed and flexibility

Gear-driven transmission

  • Require more maintenance
  • Found in powder mixers
  • Perform heavy duty
  • Need regular machine oiling
  • Mixing Bowl
  • Control Panel

The control panel will allow you to opt for any function of the mixer without inserting power. It will include;

Speed control

The speed control panel helps you control the mixing thickness. Belt-driven mixers have more speed options than gear-driven mixers. You can even control it during the process of mixing. 

  1.     Timer

Manufacturers use different time ranges for commercial and countertop mixers. Commercial mixers have a time range between 30-60mins because of the larger quantities.

  1.     Accessories

There are other detachable accessories like mixing bowls of different sizes, spatula, safety features, machine oil, etc.


Tips for maintaining your Commercial Mixer

There are some basic things to know about commercial mixers that can assist you in maintaining them for the long run;

  • Before you start using it, please read carefully all the instructions written in the information booklet.
  • Remember to apply food-grade machine oil to the shaft attachment. It will decrease the risk of breakages.
  • Always use a damp piece of cloth to clean the main part or mixing bowl after using it.
  • Don’t leave the commercial mixer at the time of mixing.
  • Never submerge the units in water at the time of mixing.
  • At the time of cleaning, always unplug the mixer. And turn it off after you have used it.
  • Remove the detachable parts of the commercial machinery after using it and wash them properly with a dishwasher.
  • Make sure that you attend the commercial mixers’ service once or twice a week.
  • Hire expert cleaning service providers to check the parts working properly and oil change.
  • Also, perform service tech every 6-12 months to prevent breakages dis-functioning, and make it run longer.

Final Words

Not every commercial mixer needs to provide you service for a longer time, but it depends on the quality. So, go for the brand of Planetary or commercial spiral mixers that have the largest satisfied customers. Moreover, look out for what you require in a mixer.

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