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Camping in RishiKesh

Best Places for Camping in RishiKesh

Let’s get this clear, you don’t go to Rishikesh to stay at a 5-star hotel and chill. You go there for camping adventures or religious purposes! That doesn’t mean that you can’t experience luxury, because we are here to help you with selecting the best sites for Camping in Rishikesh to cater for your luxury, adventure and satisfaction. 

Ganga Riviera 

An extremely filmy camp site ‘Ganga Riviera’ is known for its open starry night sky view. The campsite is not easily accessible, you can expect a 30-45 minutes trek to the campsite, so pack some snacks and fluids. Located on the Badrinath-Rishikesh highway, this campsite provides allocations twin based. If you are an adrenaline junkie, then you can indulge in badminton or volleyball or yoga or some more trekking. You can peacefully meditate given that River Ganges flows right next to the campsite! Booking starts from Rs. 2300 per person. 

Mountain View 

Looking for luxury? Then “Mountain View” is the go to. This campsite has a scenic valley view and is located on a mountain. It includes 8 cottages and has fun activities like rafting, reverse bungee, skycycle etc… It is located just 10 meters from the main road making it accessible easily for everyone. Swimming pools are also designed for extravagant luxury. Rates can start from the bare minimum of Rs. 1200 per person. 

Wild Hawk Adventures

Situated at the foot-steps of Himalaya, “Wild Hawk Adventures” as the name suggests, is a great campsite for adventurers. Special attractions like river rafting, rock climbing, trekking, birdwatching, waterfall exploring are waiting for you. Since the mighty Himalayas begin from here, the environment is untouched and clean. You can definitely expect fresh air and good food. Due to its lack of directness, the campsite can be pretty difficult to access. 

Camp Brooke 

Another name for luxury in Rishikesh is Camp Brook. Ask why? 

They have an outdoor pool that defines the campsite due to its beauty aesthetics. It provides free Wi-Fi and abundant parking. Lakshman Jhula is just 9 kilometers from the campsite. Mansa Devi Temple is located around 40 kilomters from the same. The campsite is well looked after and provides continental food. Vegan and vegetarian options can be requested. It is rated at one of the best when it comes to luxury and service and provides indoor games like snooker and table tennis. Want to hear something more exciting? 

Pets are welcomed here and no fee will be taken. Price ranges based on the time of the year you visit. Prices start from Rs. 5000 per person. 

Nakshatra Resorts

Nestled in the foothills of Himalays, Nakshatra Resorts would not be your normal Campsite. The resort is known for its hill-top destination weddings, corporate meetings, birthday parties and serene leisures. You can recharge for the day in warm and inviting rooms at Nakshatra Resort. Open gardens with chairs are another option for unwinding or even meditating. It offers double bedrooms for couples and family cottages complete with all amenities. Nakshatra Resort is seven kilometers away from Rishikesh’s most popular attractions, Lakshman Jhula and Ram Jhula. Rooms begin from Rs. 3000 per night. 

Tribe Aqua 

Tribe Aqua is a nature oriented restaurant/ campsite which is located along the Neer Waterfalls. It includes a skyterrace and gardens with peaceful retreats. Open snack bar and kind staffs. The site has 5 cottages and each begins from Rs. 1180 onwards per night. Free Wi-Fi is also offered but, it is moderately tricky to locate. Since its requires a bit of walking, aged and ill would feel a bit overwhelmed. 

Camp Footloose 

Camp Footloose provides unbroken view of the Himalayas from mostly all of its sides. It is a well-kept property with extremely helpful staff, just 5 minutes’ walk from Shivpuri Bridge. For those who want to unwind with friends or family, this is the ideal spot. Excitingly, they are negotiable to the cost of their various packages for various groups. If you are not looking for a riverside stay, but rather a hillside cottage, then you need to try this place. 

Wildex Camps and Resorts

Camp Wildex is in the middle of Rajaji National Park, allowing visitors to see rare Himalayan birds throughout the year. Because it does not have as many tents as some of the other places to camp in Rishikesh, it is not very crowded. It offers a variety of packages, like only camping, camping and rafting, camping and adventure sports, and so on. It also has all of the basic amenities, including hot water on demand, and four meals per day. The service and the food are two of the best parts of camping in Wildex Camps and Resorts, Rishikesh. Rates start from Rs. 3,000 per night. 


Mother Ganga, India’s holiest river, is located in Rishikesh. Millions of people worship it. Those in search of peace and contemplation gather by the Ganges River, which has a brilliant turquoise. Rishikesh is the ultimate destination for travelers who want to immerse themselves in the natural world. Overall, Rishikesh is one of North India’s iconic sites and leaves a lasting impression on every visitor.

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