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Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting Solutions You Never Knew

Windows hosting has many perks for users and website owners, and one of them is the combination of Windows and VPS. Simply opting for cheap Windows hosting plans, you can grab the benefits of Windows VPS Hosting or Linux servers.

VPS is a virtually partitioned space and therefore stands for the Virtual Private Server. Windows is an operating system proposed by Microsoft that can be installed on the hosting system and proceed with work.

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The intriguing part is that a VPS – Virtual Private Server can have its own Operating System. That means the users can install their desired OS, for instance, Windows, Linux, etc. However, in this post, we are concerned as to how favorable having Windows as the OS for the VPS is.

So, let’s dig in to find out!

Unwavering Uptime 

VPS servers are said to be secure and stable both physically and operationally. Thus, Windows VPS has a high stability ratio and, therefore, is reliable for providing maximum uptime. As a result, businesses and companies with critical applications related to business can easily entrust them to VPS.

Scalability Pertinent to Needs

Though all benefits of Windows VPS Hosting are mouth-watering, this one is surely pre-eminent. VPS server users are fewer in number on a large server as compared to shared users. So, there is flexibility and scalability allowed for the users. Depending on the business/website requirements, you can incorporate extra resources and scale up your VPS server depending on the business/ website requirements. That means it offers various levels of usage, from bandwidth and storage to all other resources. 


Security is critical to any hosting environment being the core of a website, especially if related to the eCommerce sector. Fortunately, Windows VPS servers have highly-level security and leave no room for getting damage from virus attacks, intrusions, DDoS, etc.

Mostly, when signing up for Cheap Windows Hosting, it is the hosting company side part to maintain the unbreakable security. Many companies have traditional and custom security measures to deal with this aspect. It can be incorporate firewalls, hacking detection, and more, so you can rest assured of getting a protected server. 

Period Backups 

Security practices are necessarily powerful; however, being able to deal with mishaps and losses is also essential. That being said, backups assist with your hosting maneuvers and help you be pre-ready to tackle security accidents. 

VPS is already popular to offer periodic backups (normally weekly). With Windows VPS, you can expect free remote and weekly backups and have a secure copy in case any adversity related to the website or server strikes you.


Next in the benefits of Windows VPS Hosting is independency. Undoubtedly, rebooting a host server can be burdensome, especially when it contains virtual machines. Why? It is because virtual machines also have to undergo rebooting and shutting down. However, opting for Win VPS can bypass the hassles of booting, rebooting, and shutdown. If needed, you can update, shutdown, boot, and reboot your server independently.

Remote Desktop Protocol 

Like Linux with root access, you can enjoy something similar in Windows VPS, for instance, RDP; another one of the benefits of Windows VPS Hosting. RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol. It is a protocol developed by Microsoft to streamline remote administration and implementation. For example, it supports the applications, data transfer, security, and encryption between clients & computers, and a Virtual Network Server. In simple words, RDP in Windows VPS permits the user to connect to the Windows VPS system from a remote place and take full control of that virtual machine.

Increased Network Connectivity 

The servers process the requests from other client devices. This network interlinking, if slow, makes access and processing a bit difficult. However, with Windows VPS, you can grab the perks of high network connectivity and fast speed.

Extremely Cost-Effective 

Dedicated servers typically cost hundreds of dollars per month which eventually means thousands of dollars per year. That is undoubtedly the big ticket that many businesses can’t afford. Nevertheless, another most noticeable benefit of VPS is that you don’t have to spend dollars on dedicated servers monthly or yearly.

In fact, you can enjoy a perfectly dedicated environment with high performance with Windows VPS. Moreover, it is affordable without hitting the budget regardless of the size and scale of the venture. Therefore, SMEs (small to medium-sized businesses) and websites with high traffic volume can capitalize on the benefits of Windows VPS Hosting.

Bottom Line!

Cheap Windows Hosting Plans is a completely feature-rich solution for any website, from flexibility to security and pricing. The jotted benefits and features can certainly vary with the hosting provider. However, the ones that this post incorporates are the pattern that many Windows hosting companies follow.

Navicosoft offers cheap Windows hosting with backups and a free domain name. All cheap Windows hosting plans come with maximum uptime, an open choice for the operating system, and friendly customer support. So, you can quickly get the Windows VPS with boosted performance for your website.

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