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How to manage your periods while you are outdoors?

Being Outdoorsy During Your Periods

Remember those ads when you see women climbing mountains, running marathons, and taking interviews during their periods? Well, regardless of how these ads seem unrealistic a few times, you shouldn’t refrain from going outdoors while you are on your periods. Your menses should not stop you from exploring the world and embarking on a new adventure. With a reusable period, cup, and travel itinerary, you can easily be the outdoorsy girl that you love to be. Get a menstrual cup online and explore the world outside the confined walls of your home. 

Why should you go outdoors on your period?

This shouldn’t be a question in the first place. However, if you are still struggling with the thought of whether you should go outdoors or not, then here is some information for you. First of all, when you feel terrible with cramps and mood swings going outdoors can be your escape from the turmoil that is going inside your ovaries (pun intended).

There is this stereotype about periods that you need to snuggle up on the couch with chocolates or a bucket of ice cream. If that is your vibe, it’s okay to do so. But, when you go out and move your body during this phase of the menstrual cycle, there can be tons of benefits. As per some popular surveys, exercising during your periods can reduce your cramps. Get a menstrual cup online and practice consistent and low-intensity exercise to keep the period pain at bay. Going outdoors or sweating out a bit can also help you fight bloating and fatigue. 

In addition to the physical health benefits, going outdoors for a walk or hiking can also be good for your mental health. As your period approaches and your PMS starts, your hormones fluctuate which can lead to terrible mood swings and dullness. Going outdoors can be a brilliant way to combat the feelings of depression and anxiety as the endorphins, or happy hormones are stimulated during your periods. What can be a better way to distract yourself from a hormonal mood shift than the stunning views of nature?

How to manage your periods while you are outdoors?

Traditional period care products won’t last for long in your outdoor adventure. Instead of using conventional sanitary pads or tampons, use menstrual cups. They are reusable, so you won’t have to worry about disposing of them, and they don’t slip or slide like pads. Period cups don’t irritate your intimate area by altering the pH, and the best part is they are leak-proof for about 8 hours. You can use them all day long without any leakage or staining. 


When you shift to a reusable period cup, managing your periods can become easier by several degrees of magnitude. Just ensure to get a medical-grade silicone cup and understand how to disinfect a menstrual cup. At first, you might have to try a few folds for inserting the cup but once you learn how to insert or how to disinfect a menstrual cup, going outdoors will be no biggie for you. 

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