Are Kraft boxes any good for environment? 8 easy ways to be certain

Nowadays ecofriendly packaging is trending. People are now more aware of the environmental impact that packaging and waste has. It is now becoming more vital to pursue a more eco-friendly approach. Business owners that wish to make a good impression with packaging but still want to reduce waste can opt for Kraft boxes. When it comes to Kraft paper, it provides many advantages.

If you are wondering whether Kraft packaging is good for the environment, the following 8 tips can help you know more:

What is it made of?

To know whether ecofriendly Kraft boxes are ecofriendly, you should know what the material is made of. Kraft paper tends to be made from wood. This is a renewable natural resource. The paper is made from the Kraft procedure when the wood gets turned into wood pulp.

Kraft paper is thought to be a sustainable material because of its eco-friendlier production procedure. It is seldom extensively bleached. This needs less bleaching chemicals that are involved throughout the complete production. A major advantage of Kraft pulping is that around 90% of the pulping chemicals are able to be recovered and reused within an economical manner. Therefore the process is more sustainable and gives minimum environmental impact.

Provides natural beauty

Kraft packaging can add natural beauty and that with a timeless appeal. The paper tends to have a simple, appealing as well as primitive look to it. It can stand out due to its more rustic type of nature. The look of the box is natural which lets shoppers see your brand as being sustainable.

Boxes are recyclable

Custom Kraft packaging is recyclable. It degrades naturally and will not result in negative environmental impacts. It is said to degrade in only a few weeks, however you can even save and reuse it. This aids a brand in maintaining its brand credibility showing itself as a company which is forward-thinking.

Brown Kraft paper good for the Earth

The processing that happens with regular paper manufacturing as well as printing is different than the one that happens with Kraft boxes. Kraft paper has a simpler process that uses lesser chemicals. One can recover, recycle and reuse these chemicals without a loss in quality occurring.

The byproducts that will remain of the Kraft process will be tall oil and turpentine. One can use these in the manufacturing processes of various items.

The process present in making the Kraft paper is self-sustaining. The parts that are not, can be reused. This is why the packaging will be durable and also sustainable.

Are the boxes eco-friendly?

Kraft packaging can be said to be more eco-friendly than plastic packaging because of the way one makes them and also how one can dispose them. When one makes the Kraft boxes from recycled Kraft paper, these will be more eco-friendly as the amount of processing present to turn the paper into Kraft boxes will be lower in comparison to if a supplier was using virgin raw materials to make them from. Ecofriendly Kraft boxes are therefore present.

Sustainable features

Despite the actual process present for making the boxes is not the most sustainable, the boxes themselves are rather sustainable due to what they are made of as well as the ways that people can dispose them.

Many trees that a packaging supplier uses to make paper are actually being grown within managed forests. This will limit the impact of deforestation and will even make the paper products be more sustainable.

It is possible to make Kraft packaging from recycled paper. This reduces the need for extra trees to be cut down so as to get virgin raw materials. This will increase sustainability.

People can recycle the boxes and dispose of them in eco-friendly ways allowing them to not contribute to extra trash going in the landfills.

Biodegradable nature

Custom Kraft packaging can be said to be biodegradable as you can make it from plant-based materials. They can biodegrade in only a couple of months if they are under the correct conditions. When a customer throws away the box in a plastic trash bag and lets it go to a landfill, the box will not biodegrade under perfect conditions.

The rate of biodegradation may slow down when going to a landfill. Therefore they need to be under the right conditions to biodegrade.

Does one treat the boxes with chemicals?

Apart from the chemicals present in the initial manufacturing of the boxes, the boxes will be relatively free of chemicals. The boxes are sturdy enough so that one does not have to treat them. They are even thick enough allowing them to be moisture-resistant.

The boxes even do not have a really smooth texture like other paper products therefore it is tougher for them to get chemical coatings as well as lamination.

From the above you can see that Kraft boxes are good for the environment therefore it is a good idea to choose them if you want to give a good impression of your company.

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