A Step-By-Step Checklist Of Moving Your Office In 2022

After scouting multiple locations, you have finally found the perfect location where you can move your office. However before you select the movers who can safely transport all office materials and equipment to the new location. You need to make an office moving and relocation checklist that ensures none of the data or equipment is lost or left behind at the old location. All the important points that need to be follow will be discussed in detail.

Preparation of the move

Before hiring a packing and moving company with expertise in office or business moves. It is necessary to ensure that the lease agreement for the new building or space has been signed with any changes in the clauses as needed.

After which, the previous building or office space owner should be intimated about the impending move and lease termination even before a move is schedule. Creating a comprehensive office relocation project plan template is also important to smoothly transition into the new location.

The next most important part of preparing to move is informing senior management about your new office’s specific date and location.

Finally, a main list of change-of-address should be created wherein all the clients, vendors, and contacts are included. Informe about the move and the location of the new office building or space.

It is also advisable to share a copy of the office move checklist before starting the process of moving to the new office location.

6 Months Before


Check for any broken or damaged areas within the property. Any potentially fragile areas that could suffer damage during the move-out process. Another important thing you need to remember is payments due to early lease breaking.


Research and contact the closest and best moving companies with expertise in office relocation services. A minimum of three companies should be choose for better transparency in prices and policies. Review their budget and choose the moving company that matches your budget.


If fragile pieces of equipment are being moved to the new location. It is necessary to get moving coverage, which can help pay for repairs or replacements for the damaged equipment. Also, it is always better to choose higher coverage as it helps in better payment for damaged furniture or equipment. Remember always to keep the office move checklist close at hand. So that you can keep track of all the steps as you keep moving. 


Setting aside a specific amount of money for the move will be useful in reducing. The chances of overspending in areas like packing, which employees can do instead of professional packers.


Select one person to be the point person for the move. Consider involving someone from the upper management levels for the moving process. Also, choose people who might not contribute much during the moving stage. Cross-checking the office move checklist will make it easier to follow which step has to be complete next. 

Three Months Before

With three weeks left for the moving date, the following parts should be done with a lot of care and consideration. With the help of the office relocation project plan template, office moving can be done smoothly and effortlessly. The following points are the most crucial steps that must be followed diligently.


  1. The date for the move should be locked in by confirming the new office location. Creating reservations for the move with the moving company, and securing other important moving arrangements.
  2. Inform your property owner and current property manager about the company’s moving date and the date you want to terminate the lease.


Create an office moving and relocation checklist that includes all the individuals. Necessary actionable things like internet setup, phone line setup, and deadlines.

Next, each team member needs to complete their assigned tasks from the office move checklist to coordinate the move. Then divide tasks into smaller pieces, which helps complete them within the scheduled time. Finally, all the employees should be informed about their responsibilities before completing the process well ahead of schedule.


Let all the local partners, affiliates, and suppliers working for your office know about the impending move. Remember to provide them with all your new contact information. It will help reduce the effect on project deadlines due to the relocation.


  1. Analyze all the furniture and check for any pieces that need to be disassemble for transport. It can also be done for intricately design machinery or potentially hazardous materials.
  2. Hire an interior designer for any distinctive design needs like landscaping, decorations, or some specific type of aesthetic. Which should be completed by the time you are ready to move the office into the new building or workspace.
  3. If the company is purchasing any upgraded office equipment which can take some time to arrive. It should be ordered around this time. So that you can get it to your new office location before the date of the move.

A month before the move

With only a month remaining for the move, the final stage of the move should be near. Here are some of the most important parts of the office relocation project plan template. Some points that should be considered during the move per the office move checklist you have created or provided.


Label and tag all furniture and office equipment to avoid losing them during transport. Take pictures of all the inventory so that claims can be process. Get all the supplies like packing tape, labeling materials, cardboard boxes, and more. Also, transfer all the important utilities from your old office to the new office for better connectivity at low prices.


Create and send a change of address list to all your customers and clients to reach you in the future. Referring to the contact list created along with the office moving 


The last thing you need to do now is to send an update to all the websites where your current address needs to be update. The following are some places where the updated address should be provided:

  • Social media accounts
  • Public listings on Yelp, Google, and other sites
  • Company website
  • Magazine and newspaper subscriptions
  • Banks and financial institutions
  • Business accounts and other locations

Gradually as the moving date nears, you need to finalize the important plans. Check the office move checklist and get access cards and security cards before moving. Ensure that all IT and relate services are set up. Eliminate and remove all broken furniture and unnecessary office equipment.

Remember to back up all the office space for minor repairs. Next, have the moving team start packing all the office equipment and furniture. Next, the employees should pack up all their personal belongings, with the help of the IT team. Finally, check the current office for anything left behind, especially in the drawers or cupboards.

Audit supplies and equipment after your move

After the new office has been moved into, it is important to ensure that all office equipment. Supplies have arrived at the new location. According to the office relocation project plan template. The office move checklist will make it easier for the team to set up each office space area. Referring to the template will also help you check for missing equipment or supplies. Some important things that need to be test and check primarily are:

  • Phone, Wi-Fi, cable, and IT connections
  • Change of address and termination of the old lease

Remember to designate the task of removing tags and labels from all the packed boxes. So that your business is up and running within the shortest possible time.

With all these useful and easy-to-follow tips, relocating your office can be quite smooth. However, it is also important to contact a professional moving company. That offers office relocation services to understand the entire process. Ensure all the important office equipment is transferred to the new location with minimal disruption or damage. 

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