A List of the Top Schools in Bangalore for High School Bangalore Students

Bangalore’s diversified population has turned it into one of the country’s most busy cities, greatly extending educational and career opportunities. Bangalore has a variety of options for those looking for the best CBSE schools in Bangalore that are nationally ranked. 

The top schools in Bangalore promote 360-degree learning for children’s education by offering a strong foundation, a supportive environment, and ample opportunity for athletics and extracurricular activities.

A List of the Top Schools in Bangalore

1. Global Indian International School, Bangalore

This is Bangalore’s best institution. The high school Bangalore have been devoted to providing an extraordinary education to learners from around the world since its beginning in 2013. While fostering each child’s total development, the school offers a high-quality CBSE education for classes 1 to 11 as well as a Global Montessori Plus Program for Pre-Nursery, Nursery, and KG classes.

2. Kendriya Vidyalaya

The Kendriya Vidyalaya (KV) school network was established to meet the scholastic needs of the children of central government employees. They are located throughout the country and provide a strong education as well as a variety of extracurricular activities. 

The high school Bangalore sits on 6.3 acres of natural terrain. KV students are seen to have a competitive advantage over other children since they are exposed to cutting-edge educational practices and receive well-rounded development.

3. Delhi Public School, South

It is difficult to compile a list of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore without including Delhi Public School. It is one of the top schools in Bangalore near me for students in grades 11 and 12. The corporation operates schools across the country, each of which is well-known in its respective region. We are pleased to announce that the heritage will be carried on in South Bangalore by DPS Bangalore South.

4. National Public School, Koramangala

National Public School (NPS), Koramangala, is a CBSE school in Bangalore that is consistently ranked among the top CBSE schools. It offers classes from Nursery to Class XII and has a simple admission system that adheres to CBSE criteria. It opened in 2003 as the city’s third and the country’s fourth NPS branch.

5. Presidency School

Presidency School is one of the greatest CBSE schools in South Bangalore. Since its inception in 1976, the institution has not only endeavoured but also accomplished providing high-quality education. It provides an ergonomically designed campus with advanced learning amenities also including information centres, laboratories, special education, counselling, and more.

6. National Public School, Indiranagar

Indiranagar National Public School is located before the Koramangala branch. The two branches, however, have one thing in common: a stunning site. Indiranagar is one of Bangalore’s most bustling neighbourhoods, and having a school nearby is a blessing. The university has targeted academic achievement as well as comprehensive student development since its founding in 1982.

7. BGS International Residential School

Although BGS International is relatively new, it has successfully conquered its competition and ascended to the top. It is a major institution located away from the city’s hustle and bustle, providing youngsters with a safe and serene learning environment. The school seeks to offer a mix of classic and modern enhancements.

8. Sri Aurobindo Memorial School

Sri Aurobindo Memorial School was created in 1962 by Dr Santoshananda, Mrs Sushila Santosh, and their daughter to provide a comprehensive and balanced education. This method combines Indian culture, modern educational approaches, and a customized curriculum. The school’s campus is three acres in size and has several distinctive characteristics in addition to the standards.

9. Army Public School

In 1981, Army Public School had only 13 learners. In a short time, it grew and became significant. It is now one of the most well-known and prestigious CBSE schools in Bangalore. 

Staff members are dedicated to providing customised attention, academic assistance, and encouragement. However, as with every Army School, discipline is essential. From the start, students are required to obey the prescribed policies and guidelines without exceptions.

10. HAL Public School

HAL Public School, which opened in 1999, has a well-known infrastructure. The ambience and style of the school wowed parents who visited it. Aside from that, the administration provides excellent amenities to its pupils to promote holistic development. HAL’s campus is divided between two apartments and a courtyard. Senior classes, the AV room, and the library are housed in the first building, while arts and laboratories are housed in the second.

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