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A Guide How To Dress Blue Chino Pants For Mens | 7 Styling Ideas - DAILY BELY

A Guide How To Dress Blue Chino Pants For Mens | 7 Styling Ideas

Blue chinos pants for mens are one of the most adaptable pant styles and can be paired with a wide variety of tops and other bottoms to form a wide variety of stylish looks. They have the advantages of both jeans and slacks, making them ideal for both weekend lounging and the workplace.

The greater range of clothing options is made possible by the deeper color. While khaki pants and beige chinos are fairly similar to one another, it is found that blue chinos are considerably more convenient to wear.

Here we’ll take a look at fresh outfits perfect for a variety of events:

Outfit Inspiration: Chinos

Dressed up: shirt, blazer, and shoes

The dressiest option is the combination of blue chinos pants for mens with a shirt, blazer, and dress shoes. The chinos should be trimmed without being skintight to complement the outfit’s formal air. Without the addition of a tie, this ensemble can avoid appearing overly formal.

Plaid shirt and canvas sneakers

If you like your shirts to stand out a little bit, then a check shirt with blue chinos is the way to go. It can be dressed up with the addition of a pair of shoes. The pattern is rather subtle, and its colors complement the darker tones of the chinos because they are complementary.

Wearing a grey sweater and tan slip-on shoes

Wear a grey jumper with your blue chinos to keep warm on days when a shirt isn’t necessary. To look more put-together, choose loafers, and to look more relaxed, go for boat shoes, sneakers, or canvas shoes. Try this outfit with a chunkier sweater and some books this winter.

Top tips 

When combined, grey and blue are a stunning color scheme. You won’t have any trouble making this work, as it is a very adaptable and simple pairing.

Outfitted in a Shirt and a Blazer of a Vivid Maroon

When putting together a formal look, blue chinos work well with darker colors. Put it on over a patterned button-down shirt and a burgundy jacket for the perfect balance of formality and chill. For a more relaxed look, try skipping the tie and belt.

With a T-shirt without sleeves and some sneakers

It’s getting down to business casual now. If you wear blue chinos with a vibrant shirt, you will get lots of attention wherever you go. It’s worth noting that blue chinos have many significantly lighter shades.

Trendy Advice 

The relaxed nature of both the shirt and the pants, or chinos, makes them a fantastic match.

Dressed in a brown polo and blue chinos

Wearing all black or all white is a safe bet. And this matching set of polo shirts and modernly fitted chino pants is proof of that. Brown oxford shoes will make the suit stand out, while black will keep things subtle.

Stylish Advice 

You should follow much of the same guidelines for pairing dress shoes with blue chino as you would with jeans. 

Dressed in a Sweater, Coat, and Sneakers

Wearing a sweater with a pair of blue chinos pants for mens is a great way to seem casual and put together on campus. The chinos are ideal since they are roomier in the seat and thighs and have a jean-inspired stitch pattern. Turning up the hems of your pants or skirt is another option for ornamentation.

Summing up

A pair of blue chinos and the best Pima cotton t-shirt is a timeless and adaptable outfit. For a more laid-back vibe, try teaming up a light blue or navy Pima cotton t-shirt with similarly hued chinos. Shoes made of leather or canvas sneakers are the perfect finishing touch. Blue chinos are versatile and timeless, giving you a smart and sophisticated look.

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