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5 Tips To Get Best Gel Nails At Home: Beginner's Ideas

5 Tips To Get Best Gel Nails At Home: Beginner’s Ideas

Doing your gel nails at home can give satisfaction similar to that from a nail salon. With the right equipment plus a few tips, you make your gel nail perfectly and even find the artistic work enjoyable. You can develop a regular manicure routine while at home, which will help to keep your nails healthy and strong. To do your gel nails, you need equipment such as; 

Orangewood sticks or stainless steel filers, Rubbing alcohol, Basecoat, Topcoat, and Gel polish colors. The following article will explore a few tips to do your gel nails at home. The directions are simple and easy to follow for all beginners.

Why you should do your gel nails at home 

Being able to do your gel nails at home, you can always enjoy benefits such as;

  • It’s cheap as you will only incur the cost of buying the products and equipment without any additional expenses such as labor and service cost.
  • You will save time. Doing your gel nail at home will mean you will keep the time used for commuting to the salon. 
  • Doing your gel nail at home will increase your creativity. You can come up with unique styles designs and experiment with different colors to personalize the nail art you wish to try. 
  • Doing your gel nail at home is also healthier compared to nail salons. Some salons fail to be thorough as they are always rushing to serve the next client. Therefore, by doing your nails at home, you can take your time to soak them and adequately work on them. 

The following are some fantastic tips you can use to do your gel nail at home. 

Prepare your nails 

Before doing your gel nail polish, you have to prepare your nails. Preparations of your nails are crucial and can only be done before the gel polish. Prep involves cutting your nails where you can use a clean nail cutter or a sharp razor to cut off the extra-long extensions of your nails. The second preparation will involve shaping your nails using a file. It would be best to shape your nails depending on how you want them to be oval, round, pointed, or squared.

Once you have acquired the right shape and length of your nail, you should apply cuticle oil. The cuticle oil is essential in bending your nails and exposing them to gel polish. You should apply a drop of cuticle oil and massage them. Using an edge of a file, you can gently push the cuticles back. Remember to thoroughly wash your hands once you have applied the cuticle oil. This will help prevent any possibility of gel nail lifting that may be caused by oil left behind.

Buff your nails 

There are three sides to a buffer that make the buffing process more accessible and prosperous; shiner, rough, and smooth sides. To ensure your gel polish lasts longer, smoothness is vital. In addition, you should ensure you buff your nails to make them rough before applying gel polish if you want to get the best results. However, it would be best not to overdo the buffer to avoid thinning your nails when using the buffer. To achieve a smooth finish, you should use the soft and shiner sides of the buffer.

Use rubbing alcohol to wipe your nails.

Once you are done buffing your nails, you have to wipe them thoroughly. In this stage, you will apply a base coat that will help your nails adhere to the nail bed. To ensure no gaps after applying the gel polish, you should ensure that the base coat is evenly spread across the whole nail. Once done using the base coat, you should cure the nail with a LED cure lamp which takes approximately 30 minutes. However, this time differs depending on the light you are using. 

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Application of the gel polish 

Once the base coat is cured, you should apply the gel polish carefully, ensuring they don’t touch the cuticles. The gel polish should be evenly applied to all your fingernails. Depending on your view, you can use the polish on the entire hand before curing it under a lamp, or you can polish as you heal each individually. Both are okay but will depend entirely on you. 

However, you should ensure the curing of your nails is per the stipulated time by the curing lamp. If there is no specific time given, you can use 30 seconds, which is the average time for most curing lamps. 

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Apply for the topcoat

Once you have successfully applied the gel polish, you should apply the topcoat to protect your work on your nails. You should use a light layer to cover the gel polish for a topcoat. Using a top coat will help seal your nails tips making the polish color last longer. You can smooth over the layer and use the LED cure lamp to cure it.

You can add a few drops of cuticle oil to give it an exceptional hydrating finish. To take care of your gel polish, you should massage cuticle oil around your nails regularly, which will help nourish your skin and prevent any possibility of dehydration and hence keeping them healthy. With your gel polish, you should avoid hot water as much as possible as it may lift your gel polish faster.

Final thoughts

Doing your gel polish at home can be unique. You have an opportunity to try new designs and colors. You can comfortably do your gel polish at home by learning the above tips. In most cases, you will not even need assistance from another person.  

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