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5 Successful Social Media Campaigns You Can Learn From - DAILY BELY

5 Successful Social Media Campaigns You Can Learn From

And being stuck home due to COVID-19 has made them more popular than ever. Infeed native content acts similarly to Snapchat or Instagram story ads. They play in full screen, are skippable, and must be 9-15 seconds in length, like any other TikTok video. You can measure the campaign’s success through tracking clicks, impressions, click-through rate , video views and engagements. Another way is to work with an influencer platform that connects brands and creators. At TRIBE, we aim to streamline the whole influencer marketing process, helping individuals and companies form partnerships that make sense .

For instance, if you build a fashion-based profile, any fashion-related brand might buy it from you. Advertising such niche profiles is also easier than generic profiles with regular dances and skits. Bringing your products on TikTok means tapping into a diverse audience, consisting of Gen Z and millennials predominantly. And when combined, these generations have the buying power of around $150 billion in the US alone.

TikTok runs on trends, so spend some time scrolling the For You page and save any videos you feel like you could remake with your own spin on it. Back in April 2020, TikTok announced a new feature called “Donation Stickers” that could be added to a creator’s video and live streams. Read more about buy Tik Likes here. These stickers encouraged viewers to make a donation while remaining on the platform. At first, only a select number of nonprofits could be the recipient of donations on TikTok, but more and more organizations have been added to the list. If this feature is not available for your nonprofit, we’ll cover some alternative ways to fundraise on TikTok next.

But make sure to have good lighting and sound quality if you’re capturing videos. Sharing high-resolution videos is the first and most effective strategy on TikTok, which increases the chance of your video being seen in the crowd. The first few seconds of your video decide whether it gets a lot of views or none. Hopefully we have provided a comprehensive guide on how to market on TikTok and why you should do it. Make sure to visit your profile to add a bio and profile picture. You can add two buttons – one that links to your Instagram and one to YouTube.

Dixie D’Amelio is the big sister of TikTok’s biggest star, Charli D’Amelio, and creates videos with her as part of Hype House. She makes dance videos clips while Charli distinguishes herself as a singer, releasing the single “Happy” in July 2020. The two sisters are brand ambassadors for the cosmetics line Morphe. The Canadian TikToker through his triple threat of acting, singing, and business has created popular viral video clips. Lastly, do not be afraid to engage with your audience, and try to come up with great ways to get attention on your TikTok contents and posts. Like I said it is not the ideal way but you can benefit from it.

If it’s filled with content relevant to their interests , then they’ll probably click the follow button to make sure they’ll see your content again. You can find hashtags by going to the TikTok discovery page. Scroll through the page to find trending hashtags and sounds you can use.

Colgate created a hashtag challenge #Colgatekiss to produce an aesthetic for the brand in Thailand. They used a clickable branded effect with a ‘kissy face’ to complement the challenge. The beauty brand created an in-feed ad with catchy music to increase its market share and brand recognition within the younger generation in Japan. Have fun supporting other creators and engaging with them. Build relationships with TikTokers in your field and show your interest in their success. Starting from scratch can be advantageous so you can set about building your TikTok account from the ground up intentionally.

With that being said, let us move to the first efficient marketing campaign. For our rivers, #TeamSeas will fund Interceptors™, The Ocean Cleanup’s river cleanup technologies that collect trash before it can reach the ocean. The Ocean Cleanup has several Interceptors already deployed in some of the world’s most polluted rivers to catch plastic and trash upstream.

In fact, TikTok ads work so well for enterprises because they allow them to engage in the viewers’ native experience. TikTok doesn’t have any annoying pop-up commercials or unskippable video ads; alternatively, ads are tastefully weaved into users’ For You feeds (TikTok’s algorithmic feed for each user). In this way, you can share your brand’s message without interfering with the overall user experience.

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