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5 Of The Best Vape Mods Available On The Market

5 Of The Best Vape Mods Available On The Market

If You’re wondering about investing in a vape mod, then you are at the right place. Here you’ll explore a broad range of some best vape mods that are available on the market. 

In the early days of vaping, there was a simple choice, a basic cigalike device or a massive vape mod device. They were designed to block out the sun with its huge clouds. 

At present, there are a wide variety of best vape mods, and they all cater to different needs. There are mods that are super convenient to use, mods for Mouth-to-Lung vapers, mods for cloud chasers, and many more. So when choosing a mod, there’s no single ‘best’ option. 

What Is A Vape Mod?

However, the term ‘vape mod’ has evolved over time. Initially, the term referred to a modified device. In the early days of vaping, when the choice was limited, modders made or adapted their own vape devices. 

When the manufacturers caught on to the popularity of these, they started producing mass manufactured mods. Previously, many of these were box mods, which referred to the square, boxy design of such devices. Although mods were also increasingly distinguished by their increased power range and functionality. 

As of now, the best vape mods come with all sorts of power ranges and experience requirements. Some are powered by replaceable batteries, whereas others use fixed internal batteries. 

However, a mod is usually larger than a pod or pen style vape. The tanks are screwed into the device instead of clipping on like a pod system. There is also normally more functionality than with a pen style or pod device. 

Best Vape Mods: Our Top 5 Picks

Without wasting any more time, let’s get started to explore a few mods according to your needs. After hours of research, we have compiled this list which can be pretty helpful for you in choosing your mod. Have a look!

#1. Voopoo: Argus GT II

Voopoo offers one of the best vape mods. And this one’s an old school box mod classic while also flaunting the impressive depth of Voopoo’s design expertise.

The Voopoo’s Argus GT II Mod is a dual battery vape mod fistful of incredible power. Surely almost impossible as some battery mods, yet it is capable of far more in terms of both wattage and user functions. Once it is powered by dual 18650 batteries (sold separately), the Argus GT II has a wattage limit of 200W. That’s more than enough power for any vaping style.

#2. Vapor Empire: Grus Mod 100w

The Lost Vape GRUS 100W Box Mod by Vapor Empire is one of the best vape mods they offer. While featuring a 5 – 100W range, large temperature control options, and is better with rebuildable or sub ohm tanks. It is formed from zinc alloy; thus, the chassis of the GRUS is visually striking. And it encases a single 18650, 20700, or 21700 battery (not included) via a bottom threaded battery cap.

This mod features compatibility with nickel, titanium, and stainless steel wires. Plus, the comprehensive temperature control suite makes the GRUS Box Mod pair easily with rebuildable atomizer options for advanced users. Therefore the Lost Vape GRUS Mod is perfect with a sub-ohm tank for those that do not like to build. Plus, apply our Vapor Empire Coupon Code to grab the latest saving deals and offers. 

#3. Geekvape: L200 Aegis Legend 2

Geekvape has a good reputation for durability, having made a name for themselves with their stunningly tough vape kits. The Geekvape L200 Aegis Legend 2 vape mod takes the protections they’ve become known for. And they apply them to a big and bulky dual battery vaping box mod.

The Geekvape’s L200 Aegis Legend 2 Mod has a wattage range of 5W – 200W and needs dual 18650 batteries to use. However, it’s perfectly serviceable as a mouth to lung mod, this has been designed with big cloud production in mind.

#4. Eleaf: iStick Power 2

Eleaf is here to clarify that big, powerful vaping box mods don’t have to be unapproachable and intimidating. The Eleaf iStick Power 2 vape mod is a powerful piece of vape kit that even a beginner can master. That, too, in a matter of minutes.

The Eleaf iStick Power 2 Mod has an internal battery with a great battery life of 5000mAh. Perhaps the largest built-in battery you will ever encounter in a vape mod. With battery worries taken care of, the iStick Power 2 offers you with a responsive and satisfying vaping experience. The box mod contains a wattage range of 1W – 80W. This, while high, doesn’t quite reach the heights of some other battery mods featured today. However, 80W is still very much sub-ohm territory and capable of good cloud production.

#5. Innokin: Coolfire Z50

The Z50 is one of the best vape mods and everything you expect from an Innokin device; simple, sturdy, and satisfying. It is a small, slightly bigger unit than the Cool Fire Mini. But with much more under the hood than its older, smaller sibling, 2100mAh of battery life keeps this little monster working all day. Plus, with an increased power output of 6 – 50W, it’s perfect for both MTL and DTL vaping. This vape mod also comes with a unique feature; a power master switch at the base. So that even if you accidentally press the power button repeatedly while it’s in your pocket, there’s no risk of its activation.

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