2023’s biggest release dates for new movies, including those from Marvel, DC, and Netflix

Huge movies will be widely available in 2023. The most recent blockbuster sequels and franchise films rule the box office, but streaming services are upsetting this trend with new movies from techrele.com big-name actors and filmmakers appearing on Netflix, Apple TV, Disney Plus, and other platforms. Will any of the innumerable sequels—from John Wick and Indiana Jones to The Expendables and the Fast and the Furious cast—match the massive popularity of Top Gun: Maverick in 2022, or will we witness another viral original blockbuster like Everything Everywhere All at Once?

As we celebrate the big movies (and maybe a few smaller ones) arriving on theatre screens and streaming services in 2023 and beyond, these are the most recent dates gasolinera cerca de mí for your calendar. Here is a list of releases in reverse chronological order.

What will be released in the upcoming year?

The Fast and Furious and Saw franchises have their tenth installment, and Tom Cruise will attempt to top his Top Gun: Maverick mega-success with the seventh Mission: Impossible film. Watch out for John Wick, The Expendables, Ghostbusters, Creed, and Kenneth Branagh’sHerculePoirot sequels, among others. Extraction, a massively successful action movie, and Luther, a TV detective, is returning to Netflix. Magic Mike is taking one final ride, too. And even though Harrison Ford is in his 80s, the fifth Indiana Jones adventure will still hit theatres.

Transformers Movies

There are so many Transformers movies that we’ve lost count, but a new one is coming out in 2023. We also revisit the Hunger Games universe and Prequels to Willy Wonka are new. Another huge year for horror: the Conjuring and Insidious series continue to thrive after m3gan’s success, and horror classics The Exorcist and The Evil Dead make a comeback.

Speaking about franchises and sequels, there is undoubtedly a tonne of superhero films. The Marvel Cinematic Universe begins with Ant-Man and the Wasp licoreria cerca de mi, which features the Guardians of the Galaxy in action for the third and probably the final time before additional characters from Disney Plus joins them in The Marvels, a team-up adventure.

 Outside of the MCU, the eagerly anticipate Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse debuts as well, and Kraven the Hunter, another Spider-spinoff in the vein of Venom, will be release. DC, a competitor in the comic book industry, also introduces fresh faces while bringing back Aquaman and the Flash of https://techrele.com/.

Big Screen

Not only comic books are being plucked for the big screen this year, but also Super Mario Bros., Gran Turismo, and Dungeons & Dragons. Disney is also commemorating its 100th anniversary with the release of the animated picture Wish, a live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, the Pixar film Elemental, and an unnamed film in December.

At least a few of the year’s blockbusters and sequels are handle by filmmakers whose work we’d like to see more of, including Niadacosta, Steven Soderbergh, Neil Blomkamp, and Paul King of Paddington. While Greta Gerwig’s Barbie and Denis Villeneuve’s Dune Part 2 are generating buzz, Jason Statham is shown punching a megashark suuugarbabyyy The Meg 2 direct by indie horror legend Ben Wheatley. With Rebel Moon on Netflix, Zack Snyder also fills the need left by the absence of Star Wars or Avatar in theatres this Christmas.


Speaking of amazing directors, we’ll also see new works from Calmatic, Nicole Holofcener, TaikaWaititi, M. Night Shyamalan, Nicole Holofcener, Kenya Barris, Christopher Nolan, M. And Night Shyamalan, and M. Night Shyamalan. As usual, the Sundance Film Festival in January features skilled independent and emerging filmmakers’ uncommon and surprising tales.

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